Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Then They Are Gone

Congress, Arizona                          High 81 Low 55

Cindy and I went to a wire tying seminar this morning. I learned some things about making the wire loops that I didn't know before.

Cindy had a class this afternoon and got started on another type bracelet. She wasn't able to finish this one and will have to finish it later.

 There was also a bake sale today and the cinnamon rolls were very good.
This shows another use for beading. They make bowls out of gourds.

 The start of Cindy's bracelet.
I had some things I needed to do in Wickenburg, so I drove into town.

This evening we went for another walk around the Park and a lot of the beautiful flowers from yesterday are wilted. We found out they only last about a day to a day and a half. There were others that had come into bloom today, so we got a lot more pictures.

The ones at the top of the picture were wilted.

This cactus had about the most blossoms that we saw.

They are even pretty from the back.

We even found more red blossoms. There were also some pink flowers that look very delicate and they seem to last longer.

Cindy has more classes tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting.

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