Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fish and Chips And Ilwaco Market

Ilwaco, Washington             High 62 Low 56

Yesterday we drove to Astoria to do a little shopping. While we were there we noticed a large boat that said fish and chips with a long line of people waiting to buy lunch. We decided to try it since we have wanted to try fish and chips while we were in the area. This place used tuna instead of the normal cod we have been used to. It was very good. We mentioned to each other that when we see that many people lined up, the food usually is good.

Today we drove around sightseeing and Cindy found what looked like a Dogwood in bloom. It was at a local nursery and she found out it was an Oriental Dogwood and not the Virginia Dogwood we have seen before. The blossoms are a little different color.

While she was out getting pictures, I sat in the truck with Penny and penny stood in her chair watching Cindy to make sure I didn’t leave her and that she came back.

After that the Craft Market on the Pier at Ilwaco was open and we went to see what they had. There were a lot of different crafts and food which had samples.

There were two different groups of country singers there. They played and sang very well and were nice to listen to.

It has been a dismal day with rain predicted through tomorrow. Just for fun I looked at the weather in Yuma and it was 100 today with 117 predicted for next Friday. Even though I’m kind of chilly here, I’m glad I’m not in Yuma.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Fun On The Beach Again

Ilwaco, Washington               High 61 Low 55

Cindy found some pictures of Water Lilies and got a few pictures at our RV Park in Ocean City. Their map shows a lake on the property, but it is really more of a wet-lands. I would hate to try to get around it.

We decided to take a ride further North and see some more of the scenery. We had been there last in 2013.

We came to a beach access and decided to let Penny run on the beach again. She had a good time again and wore herself out running. There were very few people there so she got to run free. Whenever she is loose we have noticed that she doesn’t get too far ahead of us and keeps looking back to make sure we are close behind her. After a while we noticed an eagle flying overhead and decided we better not let her run free anymore.

So many new smells!

And new things to see!

At that time we drove back to the Park and Cindy gave Penny a bath, again. She likes to run on the beach but she also likes to roll in the damp sand and comes away smelling fishy.

Sh has got a lot better about having baths now that she is a little older. When she was young, she would have been fighting to get away from the water.

Yesterday we left Ocean City and drove to Ilwaco, a small town across the Columbia River from Astoria, Oregon. We are at the Eagle Nest RV Resort where we will be for five nights. We had some rain on the way here and it rained for a while last evening.

While we are here, we plan on visiting some friends from Yuma that are work camping at the KOA by Astoria. Also there is a quilt store in Astoria that we h­­­ave to go see. Also we are going to do some shopping while we are there.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Running on The Beach

Ocean City, Washington            High 63 Low 52

The weather guessers said today would be rainy all day but it turned out to be mostly sunny.
It seemed a bit cool to me when we were on the beach with the wind coming of the Ocean.

We took Penny to see the beach and she acted like she could hardly wait to get out. When we finally got parked and put her on her leash, she ran and ran. Cindy got tired running with her. She also wanted to roll in the sand even though we tried to tell her a bath was imminent when she got back to the trailer. lol  

Saturday there were a lot of people at the beach with lots of kites flying. We thought there might be sand carving going on but there were only a very few and nothing too elaborate.

We saw these horses again today in a metal corral.

We got to see some deer and they seemed unafraid of us. The little buck let me get about 10 feet away before he moved away.

Saturday, Penny ran so much that when she got back to the fifth wheel, she was too tired to do anything the rest of the afternoon. She had so much fun that we decided to take her back to the beach today. There weren’t near as many people there and Penny was way more reserved. We probably take her to the beach when we get to our next campground.

We are here two more nights then we move further South, across from Astoria, Oregon.

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Made it to The Ocean

Ocean City, Oregon             High 62 Low 53

We made it as far West and North as we plan on going this trip. We will be here for a few days to relax (as if we needed that) and see what is here. It rained some last evening.

We are at the Ocean Breeze RV Resort. It is a KM Park and seems to be a very nice Park.  The sites are nice and wide and easy to get into.

Yesterday afternoon we drove into Ocean Beach to go to the grocery store and to see the local Quilt shop. And yes, we did buy material this time. Cindy spotted a panel she wanted and so she got it and the material and pattern to finish a throw.

While we were there we could see something going on at the Convention Center, so we went to check it out. It turned out to be what they called a Sand and Sawdust Festival. There were some sand carvings set up in the parking lot. And there were a lot of chainsaw wood carvers. They did very nice work! Cindy got lots of pictures of them working and their finished products.

These kids were having fun playing in the sand.

Most had a lot of intricate carving.

There were also a lot of other vendors and had displays inside the Convention Center. The first thing we spotted as we went in was a large quilt hanging on the wall. She also got some ideas of how to turn Sand Dollars into jewelry.

We found another row of wood carving when we went back outside.

There is an auction each afternoon to purchase some of the wood carvings. There were lots of them waiting to be sold.

Today we are going to the beach to let Penny run and play. We were also told that there in sand castle carving going on there. I hope so, so that Cindy gets to see them this time.

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