Sunday, March 31, 2019

Shuffle Board Wind-up Dinner

Yuma, Arizona           High 85 Low 60

The weather here has been great for the past few days. It finally warmed up.

We had a dinner and shuffle board wind-up. All the shuffle board players and their wives or husbands were invited even if they didn't play.

We started the day off by playing a game of shuffle board but with a different way of playing. The person at your end of the court, instead of being your opponent, was your partner and we played with golf balls in the discs. if the ball fell out you lost ten points and instead of trying to take out your opponent you tried to help them. It was a different way of playing and everyone had fun.

The lowest score team got certificates of condolence and the winners got mugs.

The Winners.

The losers.
 We then went to dinner with everyone and afterward a game was played with three couples called the oldly wed game. It was loosely based on the old time Newly Wed Game. With 135 points possible, the high score was 80. Again, it was fun to watch, and hopefully the contestants had fun also.

We then went back to the courts and played a regular game of shuffle board. Just a lot of old people having fun here in warm Yuma.

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Red Neck Olympics

Yuma, Arizona            High 86 Low 58

It finally got hot here in Yuma. Everyone said it was an unusually cold winter.

Tom Wells, another member of our Park who is always thinking of things to keep us occupied, came up with red neck Olympics. There were 8 teams with different tasks for each team to be in charge of

Toms' Red Neck Cell Phone.

One team had a thing where they had to shave all the shaving cream off a balloon. Very few didn't break the balloon and get doused with shaving cream. Two or three players from each team participated in each event.

Out team had a seed spitting contest. We couldn't find any cherries at this time of year so we substituted grapes.

Notice my rope belt and suspenders.

This one rolled a frozen turkey at the bowling(?) pins.

One team had to throw bean bags through their legs (the corn hole game, but backwards).

Another team played golf with tennis balls with a stick with tennis balls on the end.

The last event was a boat made of empty plastic bottles held together with duct tape using kitty litter scoops taped to a stick for paddles.

This is our teams boat.

After the final event different awards were given out.

There were snacks and moonshine at each of the events. And of coarse napkins provided.

They had a large turn-out and everyone seemed to have had fun either participating or watching. 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Happy Unbirthday

Yuma, Arizona                 68 Low 52

While we were in Riverton, Utah our grandson Devon was going to have his birthday soon and since we had missed the other grand kids birthday we decided to get a cake for all of them and have an unbirthday.

The four kids seemed to like being able to play together and have cake together.

It was a small diversion from why we were in Utah.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

More News

Yuma, Arizona                High 66 Low 52

We went to Utah last week and saw my Grand Kids. They are taking the lose of their mother pretty hard.

It seems that Andrea knew she had some sort of thing going on that would not let her live to an old age. Sorry, I don't know what it was, but she had told one of her friends that she would not see her 60th birthday. She was 2 months shy of being 53 when she died.

The two younger kids are going to live with their dad, while the two older ones will remain in their home. My oldest grandson is married and lives in Provo, which isn't too far away.

Saturday morning we had a family get together with a brunch. The kids seemed to be doing better than at the first of the week.

All the rest of my children we their with most of their kids. One of my grand sons is in college and couldn't make it from Savannah.

I got to see some of the new babies that I haven't seen before because they live so far away

My daughter Sabrina and grand daughter Vivian.

My son Nick and his wife Susie.

Susie with Henry.

My Daughter Paula.

My son Chad, his wife Leslie, and their son Griffin.

The picture above is Grand kids Micha and Sage. The Picture below is my son Don.

Don's wife Bridgett and Susie again.

My son Ted with grand daughter Hazel next to Andrea's mother in law.

Andrea's daughter Eden.

Chad, Paula, Ted , in front of three year old blur.

Saturday evening we had what my youngest daughter called a celebration of life for Andrea. All of her children and some of her friends and some of my children talked about her life and how much she will be missed.

We came back to Yuma yesterday because snow storms were predicted for the next four days in Utah.

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