Monday, February 29, 2016

Still Lots Going On

Yuma, Arizona     High 88 Low 59

An update on my tooth: after a week it feels a whole lot better.

We helped and one of the Concerts and later in the week there was a Mobster Dinner and Ball. Penny wouldn’t stop barking at one of the family’s that was all dressed up for it.  
We had friends from Riverton, Utah stop by last week. They had been to Algodones the day before and stopped by on their way back to Mesquite, where they spend the winter. We showed them our home and talked for a while. Bill told me about a taco stand on Fortuna Drive, owned by the same people that own the one in Algodones that we like so much. So we all went there and had shrimp Tacos. The same person we had in Algodones was running it and the tacos tasted every bit as good. Now we know where to get shrimp tacos without going into Mexico. After we ate, they left to head north.
The next day Ed and Barbara called and said they had made it to Yuma, so we went to their home on Saturday and visited for a while. Today he had a shipment coming in on Fed EX and asked if I would be able to help him pick it up and help unload it and I told him sure. This morning the shuffleboard tournament started and I didn’t know if I would be playing or not, but it turned out I got to play the 3rd game, which started at a little after one o’clock. Anyway we got Ed’s shipment picked up and unloaded in plenty of time to play shuffleboard. I am getting better at it.

Judy and Luke Rinehimer were in the Park (Cool Judy) and I got to visit with them for a while on Saturday. They left early this morning for a park closer to California.

Cindy ran into some Boomer friends of ours (Vince and Wendy Hall) at a Burger Bash here in this Park.

I am flying home to Riverton Wednesday for a Statler Stitcher Retreat which starts Thursday. I’ll be back to Yuma on Sunday.

It seems like we have a lot going on, but we will always try to find time for whatever friends want to meet up.

Sandie Dixon wrote about Rod Ivers problems and we wish him well. Rod is one of our good friends we met through Sandie and Jim here is Arizona.

Sorry I haven’t posted as regular as I should, but a lot of what we do seems pretty ho-hum and I don’t want to bore anyone.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

Yuma, Arizona        High 90 Low 59

Yesterday morning we went to several yard sales. While we didn’t find a lot, we did manage to spend $5.00. Cindy found a vase and pitcher while go with the decor of our home. She also got a book showing how to make cupcakes into festive decorations.

We then went to a quilt show at the RV Park east of us. We had been to the same Park’s quilt show last year and while small, it is a nice quilt show. The admission was only $2.00 each and you got an entry into their drawings. The first number drawn was Cindy’s and she won a small pattern. I have included some pictures of some of the quilts.

Some of the quilts were made from the same pattern. I would guess a class. It was interesting how different they looked with different material colors.

After the quilt show, it was time for me to leave for Algodones to have my tooth taken out. My appointment was for 1:00 and I arrived a few minutes early. I was in the dentist’s chair by 1:00 and she went right to work. She told me that with all the decay, the tooth might break easily, but she then had to get her hammer and chisel out to break the tooth apart to get the roots out. It seemed like, to me, that it took a lot of effort to get all the tooth out and I was waiting for her to get her drill and dynamite to get it all, but the hammer and chisel were enough. Needless to say, when my mouth started to get over the numbness, I had quite a bit of pain. While it still hurts today, it is more tolerable. I am going to wait until next fall to do any more with the space left, before I decide on an implant or bridge.

That is how my birthday went. I have had lots better ones in my life.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Hour

Yuma, Arizona       High 90 Low 59

New records seem to be getting set daily for high temperatures. I’ll still take it over the temperatures and bad air at home.

Cindy has made some more ceramic plates in the ceramic class. She started another one today.

I played two games of shuffleboard today. I think I’m getting better at it. Our team won both games.

This afternoon we were invited to a happy hour at our neighbors. They had a lot of people there and lots of good food. It was one more meal that Cindy didn’t have to make. We got to meet a lot of people that we haven’t met before and they had a lot there that I knew from the yappy hours at the dog park. I’m afraid I’m not good at names and it will take a while before I remember all the names.

Penny got to stay home while we went. She wasn't very happy about it and let me know when I closed the door on her. I could hear her whimpering all the way across the street. And I wonder why no one believes me when I tell them she's not spoiled (much). lol
We don’t have too much going on the rest of the week other than helping at a concert Friday afternoon.

There is a quilt show on Saturday at the RV Park across the road from us and we plan on going to it. I won’t have a lot of time there before I have to go see the dentist again. The pain meds she gave me seem to be working as I had a better time sleeping last night.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Yuma, Arizona         High 90 Low 57

We have been staying busy at this Park. Almost too busy!

I’ve been doing shuffleboard, and Cindy has been doing the pottery making. Both of these are when we have time.

Last evening we had a dinner followed by square dance lessons. We don’t seem to get a lot of people to the square dance, but enough I guess.
Lots of different desserts.

Our entertainment.
I’ve had a bad tooth ache the last few days and decided to go to Algodones to see what could be done. The dentist told me she couldn’t see anything, but would take an x-ray to see what the problem was. After looking at the x-ray, she told me there was some bad news. The tooth would have to come out. It was abscessed and I would have to take anti-biotics and pain killers for the next three days and she could pull it Saturday. Then it had to heal for 2 to 3 month before anything else could be done as far as a bridge. So I had to tell her that the repair would have to wait until next fall.

Saturday is my birthday, so happy birthday, Ray. You get to have a tooth extraction, lucky me.

There were a lot of people in Algodones today and it took an hour to get back to the USA. I’ve had worse, but the last few times were a lot better.

This evening there was a dinner for all the volunteers in the Park. It was very good. We seem have a lot of dinners while we are here. Cindy says any meal she doesn’t have to fix is good.

We are enjoying our time here even though it is kind of warm, but that is a lot better than the cold and snow.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Grand Daughter

Yuma, Arizona       High 79 Low 57

Much warmer and nicer today.

Our 18th grand child arrived about 2 weeks early. My youngest son, Nick, and daughter-in-law, Suzanne, had their first little girl. Although early, she weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces.

The proud Dad.

The happy family.
I started getting text messages about what was going on and by the last photo I counted about 150 texts. That seemed like a lot to me, but I guess Nick had all of his brothers and sisters texting about the happy event. I hate texting, but even put in my two or three.

As far as I know, everything is going OK.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Car Show

Yuma, Arizona         73 Low 52

Today there was a classic Car Show in our Park. There were lots of participants and people to see the cars.

The oldest was a 1919 Stutz Bearcat. The body was made from plywood and was probably the only original thing about the car. It had a Jeep frame and lots of other modifications.
My favorite was a 1937 Buick. It also had lots of modifications as explained on a poster by the car.

There were many trucks and even some Ford Model A’s with rumble seats. One had a V-8 engine and lots of other changes. There was at least one Model A that was original. Most of the cars had newer power trains and brake modifications. Several were for sale at a lot more money than they sold for when new.
I think the oldest Chevrolet was a 1949 sedan. I owned a 1947 when I was in high school.

There were 1955 Chevs and 1956’s that looked like the day they were driven off the dealer’s lot. A lot of work has gone into most of the cars.

There was an old Falcon with a hand fan stuck to the windshield that said it was the Falcon’s AC. Sorry no picture of that.

I enjoyed see all the old cars. Here are pictures of some of the others.

This Hudson looked like some of the ones we saw at the Hudson Museum in Shipshewana

This car wasn't that old, but was very fancy.

We both liked the grill.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

We Are Still Here

Yuma, Arizona         High 66 Low 46

It has been a lot cooler the last few days. Some of the people that have been coming here for years tell me that it is the coldest they remember.

There are still lots going on here in the Park. Today we tried the Night Club 2 Step. We were totally lost, but it seems like it might be fun, so we’ll probably do it again.

Cindy still is working on her pottery and we have been going to the square dance lessons.

I have been taking Penny to the small dog park here in the RV Resort. She seems to enjoy it and has been running around with the other dogs. There are two that, with Penny, chase each other around the park. It tires me out to watch them. There is also a Yorkie named Yogi that like to catch a ball. When Penny is there she gets his ball and will chase it and bring it back. Neither of them seems to want to compete for the ball and take turns catching it or chasing it. Today there were 19 little dogs which are the most I’ve seen. The old record was 15.

We had an owner’s pot-luck the other night. There were a lot of people there with lots of good food.

The only bad thing at this Park is that there is too much to do and too much going on. It would be impossible to do everything that is offered.

I’ve still been averaging about 5 miles a day walking, which for me is doing well.

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