Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

Yuma, Arizona        High 61  Low 41

We have had a good 2015. We got to see lots of places and ended up in Yuma.

Here’s hoping you and yours have a very Happy New Year. We are glad for our family and friends, both the ones we know and have met and the new friends we have not yet met. May you all have a prosperous and great 2016.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Today We Got to Meet Some Fellow Bloggers

Yuma, Arizona                   High 61 Low 37

When we got up this morning all the streets were wet. It rained softly most of the night, but Cindy and I didn’t hear it.

It soon warmed up and was a nice day as long as we weren’t in the slight wind.

I forgot to put penny’s picture on the blog sitting in her new bed. I think she is a cutie.
We were shopping and we noticed this Smart Car. It would seem someone from Oregon has a sense of humor.

First time I've ever seen a wind-up car.
This afternoon we drove to Pilot Knob RV Park to finally meet George and Suzie Yates. They are a nice couple. They are Canadian full-time RVers and bloggers. I have been reading Georges blog for a long time, but I guess I’m more of a lurker then make a lot of comments. Anyway, we spent a good hour visiting with them and reminiscing about RV travels. George somehow got the job this year of spearheading the Bloggerfest in Quartzsite this year and we talked some about it and where it will be held. Cindy and I plan on attending this year, as we had other commitments last year. It should be fun to get to meet some of our old friends and hopefully meet some new ones.
We don’t have much planned for the rest of the week.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom

Yuma, Arizona         High 61 Low 39

Today was a calm, but chilly day. It is supposed to start to warm up. I certainly hope so.

Today we took Cindy’s mom and Linda shopping and then we went to Lin’s Grand Buffet. We timed it for a late lunch, and the place was busy, but we got to sit right down. We went because of what George said about it and we weren’t disappointed. All the food was excellent and with the senior discount the price wasn’t bad at all. They have everything you can imagine to eat from pizza to Manchurian-barbecue. The shrimp and chicken were really good. All the food was well presented and the whole restaurant was clean.

Today was Cindy’s Mom’s 87th birthday. She has to use a walker and ride on her scooter whenever possible, but she seems to get around pretty well. The meal at Lin’s was her Happy Birthday meal.
So, George thanks for the referral.

Right now we are all feeling stuffed. I know I over ate, but it was so good.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

We Had a Good Christmas and Some Thoughts

Yuma, Arizona             High 61 Low 36(brrr)

Our Company made it for Christmas and we had a good meal thanks to Cindy and Linda. We are still having left overs. There were presents for everyone, even Penny. She got some nice presents from some of her doggie friends (and their parents).

Scot and Daniel made it from Phoenix.

The weather here turned cold and yesterday there were winds all day. I saw on TV that there were over 50 MPH gusts. Today was nicer, but it is still cold with a little wind.

From reading Al’s blog, while I don’t try to write every day, I write for a lot of the same reasons. The blog started out to be so our kids could follow along and see where we were or had been, but I soon learned that very few, if any of them follow along. Now the reason I write is so I can go back and look at where we have been and see some of the sights again. It is always nice to see where we were on a certain day. I’m sorry, but my memory is not as good as it once was.

As for buying the home in Yuma……..We have been coming to Arizona for the last 4 winters spending a lot of time in Yuma and Mesa. Of the two places, there are a lot less people in Yuma and the traffic isn’t nearly as bad. When we stayed for our “free” week at this RV resort, we both liked it enough that we wanted to make it our permanent stop in the winter. Yes, I guess timing is everything. So far we haven’t found anything at this Park that we don’t like, although we have been too busy to meet very many of the people, with company and a few things I wanted to change. I could tell that Cindy was tired of moving to a different Park every week and even the month we stayed at Welton wasn’t really long enough. With that in mind, we reserved a space in Mesa for two months, then the "free" week came along.

I hope everyone had as good a Christmas as we did and hope the New Year brings you much happiness.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

Yuma, Arizona              High 70 Low 48

It was another really nice day. It was warm but is supposed to be cooler tonight and for the next couple of days. My only consolation is that it will be a lot warmer than Salt Lake City where it is supposed to be down to 3 degrees on Saturday night.

This morning we went to what someone called the Mexican Flea Market. We were totally under-whelmed. We didn’t see anything that remotely interested us. In their defense most of the booths were closed. Maybe it is better as more people get here and not during the holiday.

We had a little shopping to do at the Yuma Mall. Cindy needed some thread at JoAnn’s.

We came home and picked up Linda and went grocery shopping for some last minute things for tomorrow. The store was packed and it took a while to get checked out.

This afternoon I took Penny to the dog park for Yappy Hour and she had fun running around with all her friends. There weren’t as many dogs as usual.

We are expecting more company for tomorrow. They are driving down from Phoenix and only staying part of the day.

I hope all of you and yours all have a very Merry Christmas.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Yuma, Arizona      High 73 Low 54

Today was a cloudy day with some wind. It was still warm.

I saw this truck in one of the parking lots.
Red nosed Dodge?
This morning we drove to the parking lot for Algodones. Cindy wanted to see the Christmas decorations, which were pretty much non-existent. I only saw one Christmas wreath on one of the shop doors.

When we got there the very large parking lot didn’t have near as many cars in it as has been there in the past. But we are here 6 weeks earlier than we have been in the past.

There were still as many vendors trying to sell their stuff as usual, only not as many people.

We must be too early for the vegetables and strawberries that have been for sale like we saw in the past.

Cindy wanted to see if there was any pottery for plants for sale, which there was. If we bought them, I wondered how we would get them to the car, but they assured us they would help get them to the gate, and then we could use their dollies. We didn’t buy any of them today, but will wait until next fall. I have also been told about a Mexican Flea Market here in Yuma, which we intend to check out. We wouldn’t have had room to buy any of the large pots anyway because of Cindy’s Mom’s scooter, which takes the whole trunk.
Cindy liked this one and some smaller ones to match, but we will have to wait.
While we were there we had to try out the shrimp taco’s which were as good as last time. I noticed someone eating a very large tamale and asked them how it was. The lady told me it was very good and I will probably try one next time. We noticed a few changes around the town, including a cover over the eating area. Also there was a new wall in the central part by the City building which made that area seem a lot smaller and seemed to make it more congested with all the vendors.

At one of the stores there were lots of piƱatas, some of them Santa’s.

When we went to leave, there wasn’t a single person in front of us waiting for customs, so we were able to walk right through.
On the way out we got to see a man dressed like Mrs. Clause and Santa was also coming in. I took their picture and didn’t notice what Santa was up to until I looked at their picture later.

Santa's having a good time!
We had an enjoyable time visiting Algodones today.

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tamale Festival

Yuma, Arizona       High 68 Low 46

Today started out quite chilly and cloudy this morning, but the sun finally came out and the day ended up being very nice.

We have been seeing signs all over about a Tamale Festival in the nearby town of Somerton. We have wanted to go see what it was all about and since I like tamales, we went. The town is about 25 minutes away from our Park.

When we got there the nearest parking was at a grocery store. They had security out to stop you from parking if you weren’t going to the store but we asked permission to stop long enough for Linda to set up my Mother-in laws scooter, and he said OK.

  The main street of the town was blocked off and loaded up with lots of (43) tamale vendors, some other commercial vendors and stages with entertainment at both ends of almost 3 blocks of the town.

We luckily found parking at the City Park which was 3 blocks from the event. The entire city Police department must have been there plus some police from the nearby Indian Reservation.

The tamales are paid for at several ticket booths and you have to decide how many you are going to eat.

I tried a chicken tamale and later a pineapple one that I didn’t care for very much. After walking to the end of the Festival, we found out about a shrimp tamale at one of the booths, and decided to try it. It was one of the longer lines and after waiting through about half of the line, we found out they were out of shrimp so we went to a different booth that didn’t have near the line and very quickly got our tamales. I had beef this time and Cindy got a spinach and sour cream on that she said was pretty good.

The girls from this booth got a trophy for the best tamales of the Festival.

I'm at the far left in this picture. I had waited about 20 minutes when we found out all the shrimp tamales were gone.
Lots and lots of people.
We had read that last year nearly 35,000 hungry people attended the Festival and there were probably that many today.

After going this time, I don’t know if we would go another year, but maybe. Anyway it was a good way to spend the day.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

They Made It!

Yuma, Arizona      High 61 Low 37

Last night was very cold, but I guess cold is relative. Salt Lake City made the National News with 30 inches of snow (glad I'm not there). We had some wind again today and it was nippy all day.

Our company, Cindy's Mom and sister Linda left Orem on Sunday, on the advice of a weatherman. They were planning on leaving a few days later.They did have wind going through Las Vegas, but made it alright.

They showed up at about 2:30 yesterday after having spent the night in Fort Mohave. From there they had an easy drive with their motorhome.
I barely had room for our car with the motorhome.
Not a lot of room, but it fit.   
Linda has some kind of problem with her large slide and has a repairman coming out tomorrow to see what the problem is.

Today was kind of a sit back and relax kind of day.

We haven't made too many plans but are going to the Tamale Festival Saturday, and will go to Algodones next week.  

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