Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Cindy's Nursery

Yuma, Arizona            High 76 Low 55

It has turned into a lot warmer weather.

Fred's insurance on the burned up motorhome finally told him it could be hauled away. A very large wrecker came all the way from Phoenix to get it. Part of their job was to shovel all the fire debris into the whole in the motorhome, which took them a while. Then they had to try to get the slides in but were only able to get one of them in partially. When the got all hooked up no one was sure they could make the turn to get it out of the lot. They were able to accomplish it and the wreck was soon hauled away. There were lots of people watching, so I guess not much was going on in our Park.

There were about three times as many watching.

You can see how the slide is out.

A lot of our friends from Canada have left Cindy their flowers and plants for her to enjoy while they last. Our house does look like a nursery and Cindy likes to look at them and enjoy all the flowers. We have also been given two potted palms trees. We will see how they do.

Most activities have been cancelled in our Park with nothing scheduled for April. Most of the Canadians left early to get back to the frozen North but there are still a few here. We have decided that we are probably safer here than anywhere else we could go, so we are staying until it gets too hot or the crisis is  over.

I hope every one is doing alright with what is going on.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Some Excitement In Our Park

Yuma, Arizona                    High 71 Low 51

We had some more rain last night.

We noticed some fire engines on the next road over from us. It seems that a little before 5 AM some friends of our heard a load pot in their motorhome. When they got up to see what was going on, they noticed smoke and so they hurried out and the outside was in flames by the refrigerator.

They were only able to get a few things out and by then the fire department was there trying to put out the fire. From what I saw, what the fire and smoke didn't destroy. the water did.

There is smoke around the top of the door.

The burned up refrigerator.

Looking at the drivers seat.

Big part of the ceiling down.

The fire engine was there almost 8 hours periodically spraying things and tearing down the ceiling and some of the walls trying to get all of the fire out.

Our friend, Fred, seemed to be in shock over loosing the motorhome and all their belongings.

We offered them a bedroom in our home, but one of our neighbors have a separate building with bedroom and bathroom which they offered them so they could have some privacy which they wouldn't get if they stayed with us.

They are working with their insurance company and I'm sure it will be totaled.

The cause of the fire was certainly caused by their Norcold refrigerator. I have seen lots of pictures of RV burned up by them. That is the reason our fifth wheel has a residential refrigerator.

We hope our friends will be OK.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cancelled Trip and Hoarding

Yuma, Arizona       High 71 Low 51

It is a little cooler today with more rain predicted for tomorrow with a lot cooler for the next few days.

With all that is going on about the coronavirus we made the decision to cancel our trip to Florida.

I started calling the campgrounds we had already reserved and paid for expecting to get a partial refund as most said there was a charge for cancelling. After asking me why we were cancelling and with my telling them I was afraid of the virus, everyone of the RV Parks said we would be issued a full refund. One of them had me on hold for 30 minutes , so I am sure we weren't the first to cancel.

Yesterday we went to Sam's Club to get a few things and there seemed to be a lot of bare shelves and freezers. It was a good thing we didn't want any TP or chicken, as there was none to be had.

However we did join the hoarders: we actually bought two bottles of M&M Peanuts instead of our normal one.  We have our priorities in order.

We heard on the news last night that Arizona is the worst for hoarding TP in the nation followed by Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. People are being really crazy.

We will be staying here in Yuma until the heat forces us out. We are thinking probably some time in May. Just another note: We do have plenty of TP without worrying.

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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Car Show, Wet Weather, and Yard Sale Find

Yuma, Arizona           High 76 Low 51

According to Blogger, this is my 1100th post.

The weather the last 2 days has been delightful.

We went to downtown Yuma for dinner with some friends from our Park. The reason we went when we did was because there was a large car show along Main Street. Not only did we get good Pizza, but we also had another free car show. It always is fun to see all the old cars.

Tuesday and Wednesday we got record rains here in Yuma. The normal is about 4 inches for the year and this time we got 3 inches in 24 hours. Thursday morning the small dog park had turned into the Small Dog Pond. All the grassy places in the Park were under water. They were designed to be retention ponds so the homes and RV sites don't get wet and they worked as promised.

Yesterday while we were at yard sales we ran into the following:

The man that had it was having a good time making fun of all the hoarders. While I was there he decided he better chain it down so it didn't walk away.

All the stores here are out of TP and lots of other things, I think there is way too much hype about the virus but I guess better too much than not quite enough. We have been in Walmart and Fry's Grocery stores and the TP isle in both was totally empty. I think the shortage was started by Northern or Charmin to get people to buy lots of TP. lol

We were planning to take the Fifth Wheel to Florida and other places but with all that is going on, we are still debating whether to go or not. If all the places we wanted to go see and visit are going to be closed, we feel we don't need to go just to see the country side because we have been through or stayed in almost every state. We plan on calling some of the places we were going to see and ask if they will even be open and then make a decision. According to the news, Cindy and I are among the higher risk people.

Hopefully there will be a quick resolution to the Corona virus situation.

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Friday, March 6, 2020

Warm Weather and Quilt Shows

Yuma, Arizona               High 85 Low

It finally got warm. Where is a little of the cooler air? It seems like we are never satisfied.

We have had lots going on in the Park and outside of our Park.

In the last week, we have had four different Quilt shows to go see. Some were good sized and some were smaller but we still got to see some nice quilts.

Last Friday and Saturday shows were fairly large. while the two this week were smaller. They all were held at different Parks.

I am going to put some of what we liked the best, but be forewarned, there are a lot of quilt pictures.

This was one of our favorites.

We really liked the look that this panel gave. Like looking through a window.

This was another really nice embroidered quilt.

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