Sunday, August 23, 2020

Still More Quilts

Riverton, Utah       High 93 Low 69

We finally got past all the 100 degree temperatures. A lot of new records were set in Salt Lake this summer including most 100 degree day in August. The last while, we have had a lot of smoke from all the California fires and the air quality has been really bad.

We have both been busy (me with a lot of honey does). I feel like I am constantly working on the sprinkling system. Cindy works a lot on keeping the yard looking nice, and I have been doing more quilts. I hope you don't get too tired of quilt pictures but I have put some pictures of two Christmas quilts I finished. The first is a throw and the second a king size.

Here it is on our bed.

Cindy doesn't think it quite fair that she spends 6 month embroidering and piecing a quilt that only takes me a week to quilt. The large quilt is probably the heaviest quilt I have ever worked with, I give Cindy a hard time about it weighing 100 pounds but it really isn't that heavy. However, the way it was made, I had to lift the hopping foot on my machine to get over the joint of the blocks and still couldn't get over all of them. It did turn out quite nice.

Another to do was the stained glass panels. we were going to get a Stained glass place put the hangers on them, but I decided I could do it with my soldering gun. I got them hung and we think they add a lot to our sun room.

On one of my older post I mistakenly called a cucumber plant a squash and said how big it was getting, but now it is huge and has grown clear across our side walk.

Cindy says it is a Lemon Cucumber and we have had quite a few of them. they taste very good.

Penny got a hair cut a little while ago and looks a lot better. 

The only problem is that she gets cold at night and has to sleep under the covers next to me. Penny is not too spoiled (yes, she is ).

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

More Quilting and We went Out to Have a Sandwich

 Riverton, Utah       High 91 Low 60

We both have been staying busy. Cindy has what she calls "her daily deep cleaning".  I have tried to stay busy quilting. About once a week I go to the grocery store and use their pick-up service. 

This evening we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants, a place called The Philadelphian. They have a Philly sandwich way better than any we found in Philadelphia. We used a 2 for 1 coupon and got 2, 8 inch sandwiches and a large order of home style fries. The sandwiches give us 2 meals. Half a sandwich and the fries is way more than we need to eat, but are they delicious.

This place has dine in, but is now take out only because of the virus. I guess that seems to be the new normal. We found some shade and ate in the car.

Some of the quilts I have finished are a motor cycle quilt that will be a Christmas present and Another quilt which we helped our Canadian neighbor in Yuma finish. I think it turned out very nice but we are not sure they are going to be able to make it to Yuma this winter so when she can get it is unknown.

Me setting up the computer to do the quilting.

We made one using the same panel but ours is a throw, while this one is for a queen size bed.

This is the motorcycle quilt. The center part is poofed up rather than just flat.


While we were cleaning our storage room, we found some cabinet doors with stained glass inserts which we decided would make a good decoration for our sun room. I need to find someone to make some kind of hooks so we can hang them in front of our windows. We both like stained glass and feel they will be a good addition. They originally we hanging in my old house that got torn down and we saved them from at least 15 years ago.

There are 6 of them.

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