Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Old Barn Museum

Linn Valley Lakes, Kansas     High 85 Low 61

While it was a nice warm day and we went to visit a museum, when we got back it started to cloud up and finally it rained. Boy did it rain! We couldn’t see out of the windows on one side of our trailer. Then after about 45 minutes, the sun came back out.

Last night we got to see a turtle by our camper. This morning we saw a Cardinal but it left too soon to get a picture.

We decided to drive to the Legler Barn Museum in Lenexa by Kansas City. The stone barn was built by Adam Legler in 1864. In 1983 it was reconstructed at its present location. There are three stories of which we got to see 2 floors.

The main floor talks some about Lenexa being the spinach capital of the world. One of the signs told how that distinction came about by accident.
Inside this display was also a lot of information about Popeye, the sailor man.
We picked today to visit because the Lenexa Quilt Group was there sewing quilts like they were done before any were machine quilted. The ladies told me that the quilt they were working on had taken about 2 years to hand sew. Then it takes many hours to hand quilt it. They told me it was a regular size quilt. It looked like they were very meticulous about their sewing.

There was a display about a replica quilt of Susan B Anthony’s first quilt which she made when she was 15 years old. The original is too fragile to display any longer so replicas were made by the ladies for showing in Rochester, New York. The second one was quilted by the group we watched in Kansas.

 Old bedroom and living room.
For us it was an interesting museum. There is also an old train station, which the lady at the entrance told me cost the owners $1.00 per year to stay where it is as long as there is a section of track with it. There is an old train car on the tracks beside the station, but both were locked and we didn’t get to see inside.

Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Moon Marble

Linn Valley. Kansas            High 85 Low 57

We made it to Linn Valley Lakes in about the middle of Kansas, north to South and maybe 5 miles from Missouri. The sites are very unlevel but are huge (good thing for level-up). All seem to be pull through. 

Last night I got to see fire flies again. There weren’t many in the RV Park, but Linda said the field across from her had a lot.

Today was a nice day but thunder showers are predicted for the next four days (40 to 50% chance).

We drove to Bonner Springs, Kansas to the Moon Marble Company. It is a sub-burb of Kansas City, west and south. We got to watch one of the glass artists make a decorative marble. He uses several different colored rods and shapes them into a marble. Some of them sell for a lot of money. Cindy’s Mom bought one made by him and some others in the store. They had lots of old memorabilia throughout the store. It was interesting to see.

If you enlarge this photo you can see some of the prices. It is dollars, not cents. We saw one for $75.00.
While Cindy’s Mom was getting from her wheel chair to the car, she broke the overhead hand hold and I decided I could fix it but needed a long rod. We stopped at Ace Hardware to get it and Cindy’s Mom said we had passed a quilt store, Since Quilt Stores are a mandatory stop, they let me off and went back to the quilt store. It looks like they had some nice quilts but Cindy didn’t find any material she liked.

Tomorrow we are going to a barn Museum.

Thanks for visiting. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

We Leave Here Tomorrow

Halstead, Kansas            High 83 Low 51

It was another nice day with lots of Sunshine.

Tomorrow we leave this part of Kansas and head to eastern Kansas about in the middle of the state north to south. We will be very close to the Missouri State line.

The GPS says about a 3 hour drive, but we think it will be nearer 4 hours. We are headed to a Park at Linn Valley, Kansas, a Park we have never stayed at.

I am not sure what Linda has planned, but some of it is just hanging out, something we have been doing while we were here.

It should be a short drive day.

Thanks for visiting.

Friday, May 26, 2017

One More Museum (For Now)

Halstead, Kansas               High 83 Low 63

Today was warm and almost hot. It was sunny and no clouds.

On our way here we stopped at another Museum. This time it was at Wamego, Kansas. They have a Wizard of OZ Museum.
While we were waiting for Linda and their Mom, Cindy and I took a little walk and saw a neat old house. Cindy got a picture of it.
The Museum told a lot about the history of the Movie, The Wizard of OZ. We also watched a movie about the making of the movie and it talked about the different actors that played in the movie.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story with a few thoughts.

 There were a lot of different OZ Books.
 Interesting that the Munchkins earned less than Toto.

 How would you like to have a Dorothy and Toto cookie Jar?

 Neat Wizard of Oz quilt.

 Buddy Ebsen got sick afterward and had to drop out of the movie.

 We saw this sunset which reminded us of the ones we see in Arizona.
Thanks for visiting.