Monday, December 31, 2018

Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year

Yuma, Arizona        High 54 Low 39

It has been cooler than normal for the last few days. When the sun is shining it doesn't feel so bad, but when it is cloudy and rainy, like today, it feels cold. I don't know what happened to our 350 days per year of sun shine but we have had a lot of cloudy days. It is still better than all the snow in Utah and points north.

We had a good Christmas with a great dinner here in the Park. The Park supplied a large ham that was cooked to perfection for each table of 20 people and all the people supplied pitch ins for the rest of the meal.

Cindy decorated our table and made it look very nice. All the Napkins were cloth and folded to look like Christmas trees.

Cindy enjoys decorating and has already planned next years table. She overdid this year and her back was bothering her after the dinner was over. Usually several of the other ladies help her but this year she had to do it all alone (I did help, but probably really wasn't much help).

Tonight we were going to our neighbors for New Years Eve but she got sick and had to cancel so we are just going to have some friends over for a little while this evening. We probably will be in bed before the ball drops in New York.

We sincerely hope all of you have a Happy New Year.

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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Parade In Our Park

Yuma, Arizona                High 72 Low 48

The day started off a little cool but soon warmed up till it was very nice. Ah, another day in paradise!

Today we had what is called The Santa Claws Parade. All the dogs are invited to join in the Parade around our Park. Also golf carts are decorated and also parade around with the dogs.

Again, we had a good turn-out.

Santa was here to meet the people and dogs and we get to have free pictures from the professional photographer that lives here in the Park.

 This is our neighbor and her trailer load of Bassets. Here daughter has 9 Bassets and one black Lab which are all rescues from the Humane Society. After she gets them she becomes so attatched that she won't give them up. I think it is a few too many dogs.

Before the parade starts we are all invited to join in for free doughnuts.

Penny is afraid of the larger dogs and the golf carts so we get to ride on the float (actually a large trailer with bales of straw covered in plastic to sit on).

All the participants have a lot of fun waving to all the spectators as we drive through the Park.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Trivia With a Twist and Light Parade Award

Yuma, Arizona               High 68 Low 49

The weather is a little cool for here but is supposed to warm up in the next few days.

We got notification today that our Palms Bike Brigade got the highest award for walking/performing entry in this years Light Parade in downtown Yuma. Good for us!

Last night we went to What was called Trivia With a Twist. Tom Wells MC'd the show with the aid of his helpers. They were costumed and everyone had a lot of fun, both the participants and the

Tom, the MC.

Tom's assistant, Ms Lilly "White" (not her real last name).

Judge Deb, Lilly, Tom, Barbara, and the scorekeeper (I don't know her name).

There were six teams of three that competed against each other with three teams each time.
Each team had a team name. The show was a cross between Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune (hence Ms. Lilly "White") with a little Let's Make a Deal thrown in.

This team had the most points and won the washer and dryer.

There were some funny trivia questions, Pictionary with the answers having to be sung, and so on.

Lilly with the stuff for the Ring Toss.

How it was supposed to work.

Draw the picture and the other team members had to sing the correct Christmas song.

Acting out Gesture with the stern Judge watching.

The last callenge was to have a cookie placed on the forehead of one of the players. They then had to get the cookie into their mouth without touching it. Only one cookie was caught.

The big winning team had to pick which prize they wanted, an envelope, a large box or what was behind a curtain.
The winners took the box which contained: a new washer (small hand wash board) and a new dryer (a clothes hanger).
The envelope contained front row seats to the next Drive- in show at Tom's Trailer.

The last prize, behind the curtain was a new Palms cup and Palms ball cap.

Only a group of old people could possibly have this much fun!

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

2018 Yuma Light Parade

Yuma, Arizona                 High 70 Low 52

Yesterday was the 16th annual Yuma Light Parade. This years theme was Yuma Agriculture, although I'm not sure what Snow men and rain deer have to do with agriculture. Also the large Christmas tree and balloon snow flake also didn't seem to have anything to do with farming.

Our Park chose to be Red Hot Peppers. We even had two sets of farmers, one to lead the group and one to bring up the rear.

The rear farmers were driving a golf cart decorated to look like a John Deere Tractor.

We had 29 bike riders along with the two carts.

I think we all had a good time. I managed to pick up a goat-head burr and ended up with a flat tire about a half mile from the end of the Parade. I noticed it getting hard to pedal and finally found out the front tire was flat. I then pushed it for about 5 blocks and me and the people I came with walked our bikes to the place where the truck was parked. The plus side of that was that we got home about an hour quicker than last year.

In spite of the flat tire, I still had a good time and will probably do it again next year. Unfortunately, Penny didn't have a part this year (she was the Grinch's Max last year) so I had to leave her home. Cindy wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home as well.

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