Thursday, December 26, 2019

We Had a Merry Christmas

Yuma, Arizona        High 56 Low 43

It was cold today and we got what, for here, was quite a bit of rain.

Yesterday the Park put on another dinner but we decided to have our own get together with some of our neighbors.

There were supposed to be 8 people but one couple had to go to Phoenix to get our friend Sharon an emergency gall bladder removal. The hospital here told here that the only doctor that could do the surgery wasn't available until some time in February but her pain got so bad that they drove to the Mayo clinic in Phoenix where they determined that it was bad enough that she couldn't wait for the operation. Hopefully all is going well with her. They are back in Yuma, but she hasn't accepted visitors yet.

Our get together started at 4:00 with appetizers after which we sat around visiting until almost 6:00 when we had dinner.

There was lots of food and everyone got to take home leftovers.

We stayed visiting until after 9:00 So it was a long visit. Also during the evening another couple came to visit.

We held the dinner at our house because we have the most room.

I have another picture of the grand-kids reading the night before Christmas while covered with a embroidered quilt with the story of The Night Before Christmas, which Cindy made several years ago.

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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Santa and Pet Parade

Yuma, Arizona          High 67 Low 54

We had a parade through some of the Park. Other Years it has been a Christmas Pet Parade but this year they called it A Christmas Parade.

There weren't near as many participants in this parade as our night time light Parade. The night Parade we went on all the streets in the Park while the daytime Parade only went about half way.

We had a horse drawn buggy with Santa as a passenger.

Cindy and Penny got their picture taken with Santa before the Parade started.

We got a lot of pictures and they follow:

 If you look carefully, you can see penny on Cindy's lap.
 Through the Parade Cindy and I we driving one of our neighbors golf cart throwing candy kisses and small candy canes.

The parade was small and short, but we still had fun.

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Friday, December 20, 2019

It's Looking More and More Like Christmas

Yuma, Arizona                  High 71 Low 45

It has been a lot cooler here the last few days. It is getting a lot closer to Christmas and looks more like Christmas every day (even in the Stores, which are super busy). The only thing missing (thank goodness) is that awful four letter word, SNOW. I am sure glad for not having that to deal with.

Last night we had a golf cart Christmas Parade with lots of decorated golf carts and a few lit up bikes.

We  had a good turn out and lots of people watched us go by. After there was a large gathering with cookies and hot chocolate and warm cider. It was rather cool out but everyone seemed to enjoy the large get together.

I got some pictures which are at night so some aren't the greatest.

Penny got to wear her Santa costume.

Here I am on my lit up Bike.

We even had Santa in our Parade on a golf cart.

We have another Parade today, which other years has been a Pet Parade, but this year is listed a a Holiday Parade, so we shall see. Cindy and I are driving a Neighbors golf Cart and Penny will be in her Santa suit.

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Getting Ready For Christmas

Yuma, Arizona           High 68 Low 46

The weather here has been a lot nicer than it was a year ago. Yesterday the high was 77. Today has been a cooler but still nice, especially with the sun shining.

We have been wanting to cover our back patio but  for some unknown reason The City wouldn't issue a permit. I took a plot plan to the contractor showing the buildable area, which the City already had, which I got from the Park and they finally approved the permit. We got an inspection which passed everything. The cover makes my life a lot easier since we won't get as many leaves or seeds from the large shade trees coming into our back yard.

There is a Christmas decorating contest going on in our Park (I have no hope of winning) but I did get our lights hung. Cindy doesn't like me on ladders so I can only do so much.

Next Thursday night there is going to be a parade around our Park with all the decorated golf carts and bikes which I will be riding in.

Here are some pictures of some of the homes with their decorations in the Park.

This home always gets Best Decorated.

We will be having Christmas Dinner here with a few of our friends.

I have also been busy with shuffle board three mornings a week. Cindy has been going to a chair yoga class along with all her quilting and the last two days she has been cooking different things for Christmas dinner. We both go to the quilting on Wednesday afternoons at the activity center.

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