Sunday, December 15, 2019

Getting Ready For Christmas

Yuma, Arizona           High 68 Low 46

The weather here has been a lot nicer than it was a year ago. Yesterday the high was 77. Today has been a cooler but still nice, especially with the sun shining.

We have been wanting to cover our back patio but  for some unknown reason The City wouldn't issue a permit. I took a plot plan to the contractor showing the buildable area, which the City already had, which I got from the Park and they finally approved the permit. We got an inspection which passed everything. The cover makes my life a lot easier since we won't get as many leaves or seeds from the large shade trees coming into our back yard.

There is a Christmas decorating contest going on in our Park (I have no hope of winning) but I did get our lights hung. Cindy doesn't like me on ladders so I can only do so much.

Next Thursday night there is going to be a parade around our Park with all the decorated golf carts and bikes which I will be riding in.

Here are some pictures of some of the homes with their decorations in the Park.

This home always gets Best Decorated.

We will be having Christmas Dinner here with a few of our friends.

I have also been busy with shuffle board three mornings a week. Cindy has been going to a chair yoga class along with all her quilting and the last two days she has been cooking different things for Christmas dinner. We both go to the quilting on Wednesday afternoons at the activity center.

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  1. Your park really does it up good in the Christmas lights arena. We have some pretty lights here but our lots aren't quite big enuf to really get too lit up.

  2. I love those Christmas lights!! Glad you finally got that permit!! It will make it so much nicer, not so much cleanup.
    Ahhh shuffleboard. I remember it well.