Monday, January 22, 2024

Algodones and Rain

 Yuma, Arizona       High High 59 Low 56

After Nancy got here we went back to the quilt show and then took her to Grandma Jo's where she bought some southwestern fabric. 

The next day we went to the Arizona market for more fabric. Cindy only bought a little bit of fabric since we had been there two days before. We returned to grandma Jo's for some fabric for a back. 

Tuesday we went to Algodones for meds and Cindy wanted to find some side wall Mexican pots. There is a lot of construction going on and we were told it was for a new border crossing station. After getting the meds, we walked all over town before we finally found what Cindy was looking for. After some dickering, Cindy bought three of the pots. It was a good thing we had Nancy with us, because we each carried one of the pots to the border crossing and then to the car. They didn't seem that heavy until we carried them half was across Algodones and to the car.

This is fancy decorations on one of the restaurants in Algodones.

The next picture is what Cindy was looking for.

After we got home we took Nancy to a small place on the south frontage road for shrimp tacos. 

We stopped on the way back to get some aluminum straps I planned on bending to hang Cindy's pots.

I kept telling her I wouldn't be able to get them hung for a few day, but I found someone in the Park that had a vise and he helped me bent them, so I was able to get them hung.

We stopped on the way back to go to a grocery outlet store (damaged, outdated, and overstock). We found a few things and Nancy found some ice cream for a good price.

Here are the pots hanging on our wall.

Nancy left for Quartzsite the next day. It is always good to see her and we were glad to have her stay with us.

Since we never seem to have enough fabric (LOL), when Cindy found some really nice batiks at an estate sale Saturday, we had to buy more.

Yesterday and today it rained. Yesterday, not so much, but today it really poured almost all day. The grass by us and the small dog park look like lakes with lots more water going into them when I took these pictures.

I have never seen this much water in the grassy areas. They were built as retention ponds when the Park was built. It is a good thing they hold as much water as they do. so no one has flooding in their homes.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Yuma, Quilt Show

 Yuma, Arizona            High 74 Low 45

It has been nice during the day although a little cool at night.

The annual Yuma Quilt Guild Quilt show was about a week later than usual. We went the first day and it didn't seem to be too busy. There were lots of what we thought were nice quilts. It didn't seem like the show was quite as large as other years. Here are some pictures of the quilts, some are for the intricate quilting. The first one tells a lot about the piecing.

There are many Y seams, which make this quilt very hard to piece.

Some of these had very intricate quilting.

After we went to the quilt show our friend, Nancy, came to stay in our driveway for a few days. Since we had time, we took her back to the quilt show so she could see it. I hope she enjoyed it. 

We took her to the Arizona Market the next day, but more on that next post.

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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Dinner Out

 Yuma, Arizona          High 65 Low 38

It has been cool in the mornings but the weather guessers are predicting warmer temperatures next week, I hope so. At least we aren't in Utah where it has been snowing every day for a week.

We went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in Yuma, Da Boyz Pizza. Cindy had watched someone get a salad last time that was a half head of lettuce and wanted to try it. It was enough salad for four people, so we took half of it home and she had it later. We also had their spaghetti, which while filling, I didn't care for much. We really like their pizza, and if we go again, that is probably what we will get.

We got what they call the Marilyn room last time but it wasn't available so there were various old movie star pictures on the walls.

We sat around for a while and visited with our friends for a while.

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Monday, January 8, 2024

We Are In Yuma

 Yuma, Arizona       High 58 Low 41

We got to Yuma but the cold weather must have followed us. It was a little warmer last week, but we got two days of rain and wind. Today the wind felt like straight off the icebergs. The weather guesser said it would snow through Utah the day after we left (we drove down on the 2nd) and I wanted to beat the storms. Since we left, It has snowed several days with about 2 inches last night. I'm glad we are in Yuma.

I think I talked about getting our side yard covered with pavers, since our grapefruit tree and several of the other plants died over the summer. I finally got pictures.

This used to be our grapefruit tree. 

Cindy wanted to get all the sand out of the rock stream in our front yard.

The front and side yard look a lot better and the pavers will be a lot easier to clean the leaves out of than the trees and shrubs were.

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