Sunday, May 22, 2022

I'm Ready For Some Warmer Weather

 Riverton, Utah      High 68 Low 38

It got warm for a while, but then went back to near freezing temperatures. Cindy usually figures Mother's Day it is safe to plant tomatoes and flowers, but the forecast called for near or below freezing temperatures. Yesterday morning we saw frost on the lawn. 

Because of this we took a lot of the flowers into the garage, pulled the tomato cages and put buckets and flower pots over them. Cindy covered the sprouts that are just coming up with old towels. After tomorrow all the plants should be alright (according to the Weather Guessers).

These are the flowers we put in the garage:

These are the tomatoes:

This shows what is under the cover.

Cindy's onions seem to be doing okay.

Cindy still hopes for a large garden.

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Friday, May 13, 2022

Fence Is Finished

 Riverton, Utah         High 67 Low 40

It finally got warmer, with no more frost warnings.

Yesterday was a nice enough day that I decided to put the fence back together. It took me a while, but we both are pleased with the result.

It also was warm enough that we brought all the plants out of the garage and placed them around the yard. Cindy planted the tomatoes that we have had in the house and planted some squash.

 Poor little Penny had kind of a rough week. Tuesday she had a vet appointment. They gave her a bordetella shot, which made her sick for a while. I looked it up and it was because the injection was doing its job. It only last a day and then she was back to normal. 

She has been getting so shaggy that we couldn't take it any longer. It has been so cold, that we didn't want her to get her hair cut too soon, but today was the day. I got a before and after picture of her.

I think she looks a lot better.

I worked on quilting another quilt today. It was one that I got finished a lot quicker than it took Cindy to make. The only thing is I have to be careful with the three D ears on the dogs.

That's what we've been up to.
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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Yard Work and Another Quilt

 Riverton, Utah          High 63 Low 45

The weather sure has been changeable. High yesterday to 63 today and 51 on Monday with a low right at freezing. 

Cindy wants to plant her garden, but has been afraid to because of all the night-time lows.

A lot of the flowers are still coming up though.

We got our fence back from the powder coaters. Now I have to get the posts ready, which I did yesterday, for painting. I got them primered yesterday and the first coat of paint on them today.

It was a lot of work to sand the posts, not so much to prime them.

Like I said, I got the first coat of paint on the posts this morning, but will wait to take a picture until they get the second coat. Then I have to remount all the panels, which we welded brackets on, so they can be bolted, rather than welded to the posts. Lots of fun for sure.

This quilt is one I finished last week. It was made from a kit Nancy gave Cindy when she stayed with us in Yuma. At the time Cindy said it was like Christmas getting all the pieces of fabric.

Cindy is working on three different quilts now. One of them will have over 6000 pieces in it. She sure likes her scrappy quilts. Keep the pieces coming, Nancy, LOL.

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Saturday, April 30, 2022

More Quilts

 Riverton, Utah       High 68 Low 34

Today started out very cool and then as the day proceeded, it got more comfortable.

We went to an estate sale this morning that advertised quilt material. Boy, did they ever have a lot of material. We found quite a lot of fabric to take home along with some other bargains.

We have been busy making and quilting quilts. 

I have some pictures of some of the quilts I have finished:

The next quilt took me a lot longer to quilt that it did to peace. I used high loft batting so the rocks, trees and animals would stand out. I'm sorry that I could make the picture show it like I would have liked.

This quilt was easy to make, and took me quite a while to go around all the animals and rocks and trees.

The next quilt is one of Cindy's large pieced quilts. I don't know how many small pieces, but there are a lot. Doing it over-all, I was able to quilt it fairly fast.

Cindy does like her pieced quilts. There really are lots of little pieces.

I also got a picture of the pear tree in blossom. I missed getting the cherry tree blossoms, but it looks like we will get a lot of pears and cherries this year. The peaches got froze along with the apricots.

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Sunday, April 24, 2022


 Riverton, Utah          High 56 Low 33

Sorry, no pictures today.

We still have been busy, you know, no rest for the wicked.

It has been cold and windy a lot of the time.

Yesterday we heard on the radio that a local Nursery was at Home Depot. If you bought flowers for planting at Home Depot, they would fill pots with potting soil and plant the flowers for you. You could bring as many pots as you wanted, the only limit was time. So we took over about a dozen pots that Cindy was going to plant anyway, just not so soon. They probably gave us at least 2 bags of potting soil and saved Cindy a lot of work later. The only drawback is that we have to put all the pots inside the garage every night for the next while. Free potting soil made it worth while. 

We have been busy with home repairs and, of course, quilting. Our old double oven hadn't been working too well. After 20 years it didn't bake at constant temperatures and parts are no longer available for it, so we got a new GE with French doors on the top oven. Now Cindy doesn't have to lift things over a door to put it in the oven, and the temperature is constant. 

It still has been too cold to get Penny a hair cut and she sure is getting shaggy. We did get out for a walk one afternoon and she acted happy to be out checking all the smells. I'm ready for it to warm up and I'm sure Penny is also.

It looks like the apricots all got frozen. There are lots of pear and cherry blossoms. Before last year, we had never got cherries because the birds seemed to get them before they were even ripe, but last year we had a lot of cherries, but I didn't spray them because I expected the birds to get them. All the new houses by us must have made the birds go somewhere else, so I plan on spraying this year.

Cindy wants to put in a bigger garden than usual, so that means more tilling for me.

I have got a few more quilts quilted. I guess better to stay busy, than watch tv all the time.

Right now, with the high price of fuel, we don't know if we are going to take the camper out this summer.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2022


 Riverton, Utah       High 36 Low 21

Right now it is snowing. Yesterday in the morning wasn't too bad and it actually got warm by 2:00 in the afternoon. But this turned out to be short lived. It started to rain at about 5:00 and it really rained then turned to snow (the awful four letter word). By 10:00 there was enough snow that Penny didn't want to go out and I had to carry her to the grass. Needless to say, she didn't stay out very long.

I got some pictures of the trees in bloom yesterday morning.

Here is the same view this morning which is as close to the same shot as the first:

There was 6 inches of snow on our front lawn. I made the mistake of showing Cindy all the snow on the trees and we were soon outside knocking snow off the limbs. She was afraid the branches would break .

We are suppose to have scattered snow flurries for the next two days. Where is all the nice weather we usually have in April? Cindy probably got her wish to have the apricots freeze. I can hardly wait for it to get warmer.

Penny is getting really saggy, but it is so cold that we don't want to get her a hair cut yet.

In between everything else, I took our fence on the front of the garden apart. I took it to one of my friends to weld brackets on the ends, so I can bolt it back together once the powder coaters get through. I painted the fence 2 or 3 years ago and it didn't hold up, so I think powder coating will make a big difference.

I have manage to get two quilt finished and have another on the machine. I still staying busy.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Back In Utah

 Riverton, Utah          High 57 Low 30

We made it home to Riverton. Quite a change in weather from Yuma, which had highs of 98 down to high today of 57 and freezing tonight.

Cindy got to see her Daffodils in bloom. We have lots of them growing in lots of different whites and yellows. I don't know what these flowers are.

The Apricot tree has lots of blossoms, which probably will freeze tonight. We had such a good crop of apricots last year, that Cindy said she hopes they do freeze, as she doesn't have room for any more frozen apricots in the freezer.

Last night we had our friends. Ron and Anna, who are our next door neighbors in Yuma, stop and stay overnight with us on their way to Edmonton. We had a good time visiting last night and they got an early start this morning. We hope to see them again next fall. Cindy and I have been busy getting ready for their visit and also working on the yard. 

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Monday, March 28, 2022

USA Parade

 Yuma, Arizona         High 81 Low 61

Today was extremely windy with a little rain. We probably had a 4 inch rain (the rain drops were four inches apart). It only lasted about 10 minutes.

We had the USA Parade. I don't know how many states were represented, but I think our Parade was larger than the Canada Parade. In addition to the decorated Golf Carts, there were a few cars and one truck pulling a flat bet trailer. We had a great turn out.

Cindy and Penny rode in the golf cart we borrowed from our neighbor.

There were quite a few stops for jello shots and fire balls. There sure is a lot of drinking in this Park. There were a few people giving out candy, so I didn't go without.

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