Sunday, December 18, 2022

We Have Been Busy

 Yuma, Arizona           High 66 Low 46

It has been cooler than usual lately. At least I don't remember it being this cold here in the past.

My neighbor, who is quite the handyman, decided to replace all his cabinets and flooring. He took out the kitchen and bath cabinets, linoleum and carpet and had tile installed in all the house. While he was at it, he tore out all the baseboards and repainted the whole house. I helped him with the tear-out. after the painting, he installed the cabinets and I and some other neighbors help him with that project. It took us more than a week. 

Cindy has been busy quilting (as usual). I am having trouble downloading pictures, so sorry I won't have pictures today.

In between helping install cabinets and removing baseboard, I have been sifting sand out of our rock landscaping. I sifted out almost 20 gallons of sand and still am not through.

Today we drove to Phoenix to deliver some Christmas gifts to Cindy's son Scott.

While we were there we visited a store that has produce at fantastic prices (for instance, lettuce for $.50 per head).

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Gosh ... that was a big renovation. Nice of you to help out! What? You didn't stop in at any quilt shops in Phoenix??? Hugs to Penny.

  2. $0.50 a head? We are paying $4/head locally up here in South Dakota!