Monday, April 15, 2024

About Time To Go Back To Utah

Yuma, Arizona         High 81 Low 51

Several days last week the temperature got into the upper 90's. And we have had wind almost every other day. A big wind storm came in Friday afternoon that cooled it off to the low 70's Saturday and Sunday.

We have a lot to do when we get back to Utah, so we are probably going to head north this coming Saturday.

A lot of people have left for cooler climate already. I have been playing shuffleboard a lot and the numbers are way down. Wednesday will probably be our last day.

Yesterday the whole Park was invited to someone's new (to them) house for pizza and goodies.

Sorry, no pictures.

Then last night we were invited to some friends from the small dog park for cookies and drinks. We had a good turn-out for it. The dogs were all invited also. The wind was blowing, and since it was outside, we started to get cold.

We are slowly getting our home here ready to leave.

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Monday, April 8, 2024


Yuma, Arizona            High 78 Low 51

The weather today was great. It is supposed to get to 96 by Thursday, according to the weather guessers.

Today the whole Park was invited to a pot luck at the home one of the residents. I think most of those still here went to it. There was a telescope set up with a connection to a laptop. Glasses were also provided.

Notice the sun spot in the next photo.

Yuma only had 67% coverage, so the picture above is all we got to see.

The picture above is one of the total eclipse taken from the web.

We had lots of food and it was interesting to see even a partial eclipse.

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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter And Happy Birthday

 Yuma, Arizona            High 71 Low 50

It got cooler today and we had rain last night with high winds. The weather guessers are predicting more rain tonight. 

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. 

Yesterday we were invited to a birthday party for one of the Park residents, Jo. She turned 90 yesterday and seems to be in good health. I see her and her husband, Dell, walking around the Park quite often.

The party was catered by the Park's Café and lots of people attended. 

Lots of good food and we had a good time visiting with some of the people from the Park.

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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Bike and Da Boyz

 Yuma, Arizona         High 80 Low 52

The weather finally got hot with no wind, although 80 for here isn't all that hot.

My insurance agent told me that my supplemental Medicare Insurance would reimburse me up to $800. for a bike. It is part of their way to try to keep me active. So I bought a new bike because my old on was worn out. Three of us went for a bike ride to try out my bike. We rode about 9 miles, which probably was over  doing it for me.

Ron has an electric bike, which he has to pedal some, Warren on the left rides all the time. He usually goes about 35 or 40 miles each time he goes out.

I have been riding my bike around the Park, but nowhere near what Warren does. I didn't want an electric bike because I felt like if I did, I wouldn't get as much exercise as a regular pedal bike. The one I got is 7 speeds, which seems to work well for me.

We went to Da Boyz again as sort of a farewell for some of our Canadian friends, some of whom have since gone back to Canada, and some that will be leaving soon.

We were in a new to us room at Da Boyz with lots of different pictures of other movie stars from the 1930's.

We also had a Happy Hour at our home as a farewell for a couple of our neighbors that have bought a home in the Foothills, and will be moving out of the Park soon.

The Sun on the wall is the one we bought in Mexico which my son-in-law carried out for us.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Jackpot And Chocolate Poker

 Yuma, Arizona            High 84 Low 52

It has been warm for the last few days. It is a lot warmer than back in Utah.

We have been playing poker with some of our friends here in the Park. The main difference between regular poker and what we play is what we use for money. We found a box of small chocolate bunnies' at the local grocery outlet store, which we divided with our friends. We have been using them like money while playing poker. 

Sometimes they win and sometimes we win. So far it has averaged fairly close to even. We only play for a couple of hours once in a while. And of course, some of the bunnies get eaten.

We went to what is probably Yuma's largest rummage sale. There were lots of people waiting for the 8:00 AM starting time. We had about 5 minutes till it opened.

They said they had about 1500 tables of stuff and we didn't find anything we wanted.

There was also a yard sale at the local Catholic Church. At this sale, Cindy hit the Jackpot. There was a bin with new rolls of fabric stabilizer. It was marked 2 for a dollar and someone told her if she took it all, she could have it 2 for a dollar.

 From the prices, you can see that it cost from $23.00 to $58.00 per roll. We also got an almost new Omnigard cutting mat for a dollar. My old one was worn out, so that was a great find also. Cindy felt like she had hit the Jackpot. She says she will never have to buy embroidery stabilizer ever again.

Thanks for visiting. 

Saturday, March 16, 2024

More Cowboy Days

Yuma, Arizona       High 70 Low 47

It got a lot cooler the last few days with lots of wind. We had a really dirty rain first thing Friday morning. Next week is supposed to be up into the 80's.

Our group at Cowboy Days had what we called  stage couch races. They used small wagons, which had to be loaded, then run around a course, then unload for the next race. The race didn't go exactly as planned, but the participants all seemed to have a good time.

One of the next events called for the contestant to ride a stick horse through a course, then to drink about 8 ounces of beer as quickly as possible. This was a timed event. The winner drank his beer without swallowing. He literally poured the beer down. I have never watch anyone do that before.

The last day, there was an inflatable bull riding contest. People were around the bull which was surrounded by a large inner tube. They tried to cause the rider to fall in the pool. This was timed also, and whoever stayed on the longest won.

The last event was a wet tee shirt contest. This time it was the women spraying water on the men. After the buckets of water were gone, the men were then judged by the audience.

 The participants said that they used cold water, which got them cold. A lot of them got in the hot tub after the contest. 

Cowboy Days was a lot of fun for everyone.

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