Saturday, May 30, 2015

Getting Ready to Head North

Sagle, Idaho        High 73 Low 54

I haven't been very good about my posts lately, but hopefully things will get better as we travel to Canada.

Earlier this week Ken and Sabrina took us to a place called Dover Bay sightseeing. This whole area is nice and green with lots of trees.
The large boat take people out for dinner cruises.

Sabrina got her first quilt finished and I will probably quilt it for her when we get home.
Not too bad for her first quilt.
We are still scheduled to meet Cindy's Mom and Sister at Bridgeview RV Park in Lethbridge, Alberta on Monday. We will leave here early Monday morning. They called and are in Blackfoot, Idaho visiting relatives.

The following pictures are of a dessert Sabrina made for us and a picture of Penny stealing Mozeys food.

Penny has really gotten spoiled since she has been here.
Ken and Sabrina went to Spokane on Thursday and while they were gone, I washed the windows on the riverside of their home. Ken had told Sabrina not to wash them, but forgot to tell me not to. They look a lot better.
Yesterday I helped my son-in-law put up a pine hand rail down a rock stairway they have from the upper part of their property to the lower. He picked up the posts and rail while they went to Spokane, He wanted to stay with the rustic looks. I think it turned out quite well.

Later in the afternoon we took their kayaks down to the water and traveled up the River for a way. I decided to take Penny with me, while Cindy and Sabrina took the two seat Kayak.At one point it was a good thing I had Penny's leash on her, because she tried to jump out of the kayak I was in and swim to Cindy, but I was able to stop her in time.We went as far as the main part of the Lake and it got too choppy for the kayaks so we turned around.

This afternoon Ken finally got his new boat, which the dealer here has been promising delivery since we have been here. We had a lot of rain this morning, but it cleared up enough to go for a ride on the boat. They got  a pontoon boat because it is supposed to be a lot more stable on the water. When we launched the boat, it wouldn't start, so Ken got hold of the dealership and they sent their mechanic to jump start it. After that everything went OK.

Putting the letters and numbers on the new boat.
We went out onto the main part of the Lake and even though it was a little choppy, The ride was very smooth. I'm prone to sea-sickness and had no problem. It was fun to see all the fancy homes from the water.

Here I am just relaxing.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Relaxing and Memorial Day

Sagle, Idaho        High 70 Low 46

It has been a little cooler here and almost cold at night. It rained almost all night Sunday night and a lot of yesterday. We have been told that they need the moisture and so it all is good.

The Lake has come up a lot since we've been here, but Ken still hasn't gone to get his new boat. We were going to leave this coming Friday, but Ken told us yesterday that he and Sabrina would like us to stay the weekend, so we will be heading to Lethbridge, Alberta next Monday. We have made reservations through Coast to Coast at the Bridgeview RV Park, where we stayed two years ago, for 3 nights.

While we are there we will meet up with Cindy's mom and sister and then travel part of Alberta and British Canada with them before we head toward North Dakota and some of the other States we missed last year.

Sabrina wanted to sew a quilt together, so her and Cindy went into Sandpoint last week and got some material to make it. They also got a pattern for a fairly simple lap quilt. Sabrina had to get a 1/4" quilt foot for her sewing machine which got here Thursday.

I inherited the job of showing her how to use the new foot and cut the material for her. Yesterday she finished sewing the blocks together and we all set them on a bed to see how they looked before sewing them into the quilt. It is a very random pattern and should look nice when finished. Quilting will have to wait until I get home.

Last night we watched "Unbroken" which everyone seemed to like. The Japanese POWs sure had to endure a lot and we had a hard time thinking about all the weight the actors had to loose to make the movie. I highly recommend the movie.

Today is a lot nicer day than yesterday and Cindy is busy sewing and I'm just kind of vegetating, enjoying the scenery.

I hope your Memorial Day was as relaxing as our's.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sights around Sandpoint

Sagle, Idaho High 82 Low 50

Yesterday morning, thanks to a suggestion from a reader, we drove to a little lake called Mirror Lake. It is a privately owned Lake with a campground by it. It really is a pretty little Lake.

Cindy got a picture of a turtle while taking pictures of the water lilies. When I asked her about it, she had no idea she had got a picture of the turtle. There was also a family of Canadian Geese swimming on the Lake. The babies looked younger than the ones on the river by Ken and Sabrina’s.
We didn't see them catch anything.

These babies are a lot smaller than the ones on the river.
Scenic old barn on the way to Mirror Lake.
In the afternoon we drove to Bonner’s Ferry to look at some quilt stores and whatever else we could see. It looks to be a nice little town with an old main street. One of the buildings had a date of 1910 on it. We also visited an antique store. On the way back, we stopped at a place that made wooden lighthouses. They were interesting to see.

Later in the afternoon we sat on Ken and Sabrina’s boat dock and watched the geese and muskrats swimming in the river. The parents had from one baby to seven. They kept getting closer to us and didn't act afraid. One of the muskrats swam to shore and sat on the beach for quite a while.
These babies, when they came on shore, are a lot larger than the ones at Mirror Lake.

The lobby of a resort on the Lake.

This muskrat stayed and let us watch him for a while.
While it has been warm here during the day, it seems to cool off at night and is almost too cool for good sleeping.

The scenery in this part of Idaho is very pretty.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Big and Little

Sagle, Idaho                    High 82 Low 48

We have been busy doing “things” since we've been here. Yesterday I finally finished up the brake conversion. Actually I finished putting the brakes and lines on Wednesday, but bled everything out yesterday. We ended up going to Spokane to The House of Hose to get the brake lines I wanted. At least now the conversion is like I wanted it.

Packing the new wheel bearings.

I did go road test the new brakes and made sure all the bearings seemed OK and I can sure tell the difference between drum and disc brakes. I drove about 60 miles and everything seemed to be good to go.

Penny really likes Sabrina and Ken’s dog Mozey. Mozey weighs almost 50 pounds and is about 10 times bigger than Penny (she weighs 4 and a Half pounds). Penny can hardly wait to go in to see her new buddy every morning. 

The two dogs like other so much, Sabrina has decided she might have to get another dog.

Penny has been helping herself to Mozey’s food at night, and I have been wondering why she wasn't eating her dog food.

The weather here has been fabulous, but is getting a little warm for sleeping at night.

When we went to Spokane, Ken wanted to stop at a place called Capone's for lunch. I had a regular hamburger, which was very good, and Cindy got a Teriyaki Burger and said it was very good.

Cindy’s Passport got mailed to get here by at least Saturday, if not by tomorrow. We had Tammy put it in the mail, rather than have Cindy’s sister bring it. We decided that by getting it here, Linda and Cindy’s mother could go up Interstate 15 into Canada, saving both of us a lot of miles. So far I think we will leave here on the first of June and meet them on the way to Lake Louise.

We will probably be in Canada for most of June and then are heading to most of the states we missed last year. I don't know when, if ever, we will get to Rhode Island

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Back to The Fifties

Sagle, Idaho                        High 70 Low 48

Yesterday I got a start on the brake conversion on the trailer. Right away I got in a little trouble. The way the line kit was designed, I was supposed to run brake lines across both axles and I wanted to have everything hooked to the trailer with flex lines down to each caliper. Of course I won out and figured out how to do the brake lines my way. Only I needed two more brackets and two longer hoses. The brackets were easy to build with some angle brackets from Home Depot. The hoses seem to be more elusive.

One of the brakes had a wheel seal leaking and the whole assembly was covered with grease, so it’s a good thing I decided on the conversion. I haven’t even started the left side yet, but got the right side completed. I will do the left side either Monday or Tuesday.

Last night we went to Sandpoint to watch the old car parade in Sandpoint’s Back to the Fifties Festival. This year it was scheduled to co-ordinate with Canada’s first long weekend. As a result we heard that about 40% of the cars were from Canada. There were several hundred old and not so old cars in the parade. A lot of the spectators dressed in clothing from the Fifties. Cindy asked and got permission to take a picture of 2 kids dressed in period outfits.

Her horn went Beep, beep, beep.
How do I get this car out of second gear?
Show off!

Old Studebaker.


There were other poodle skirts, but we didn't get pictures.

Everyone liked their costumes.
This morning we went to the first flea market in Sagle. There weren't many vendors and we didn't find anything we were interested in.
Afterwards we drove into Sandpoint to see the old cars that were parked around downtown. It was probably nicer to be able walk around the cars and look closer at them than when they were in the parade. like last night, there were lots of people.

The weather has been nice, but it now looks like rain and rain is in the forecast.

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