Sunday, September 25, 2022

Class Reunion

 Riverton, Utah        High 78 Low 51

It is typical fall weather for September.

Yesterday I attended my High School Reunion. We were supposed to have our 60th two years ago, but it got cancelled because of the virus. So this year we had an eightieth reunion because most of us are at least 80 years old. Yes, I'm getting old and some days I feel it. We had about 65 people show up with their spouses, so we had a good, large turnout. 

We had, as I remember, 543 graduate the year I graduated in 1960. Of that number almost 200 have died, with about 150 that no one knows where they are. 

The Reunion was held in the back yard of one of the graduates. It was a really nice backyard, with a gorgeous view. 

We had some entertainment, one of which was Dale Myrberg. He demonstrated some of his yo-yo tricks. A long time ago, I used to go to yo-yo contests and competed against him. The difference is that he kept it up, and became famous. He even was on the Smothers Brothers TV show at one time. At age 54, he was the oldest person to win the World Championship Yo-yo contest. His record still stands today. In 2005 he was inducted into the Yo-yo Hall of Fame (something I had never heard of).

In the last picture. he knocked a quarter off the ear of each of the two participants with his yo-yo.

It was good to see and visit with some of my old High School friends.

And finally, no post is complete without some quilts. 

The first one is one Cindy had made before. It has a Forth of July theme.

The next one is one I quilted for a customer.

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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Working On The Garage

 Riverton, Utah             High 72  Low 52

When We went out this morning, it was a little chilly. It is a welcome change from all the heat. I guess fall is on the way. We heard on the radio that somewhere in Utah they actually got some snow. They aso said that the ground was so warm, that it immediately melted. 

The weather stripping on the back garage was so deteriorated that I finally replaced it. The larger door is 14 feet tall, so I had to be very careful on a borrowed 12 foot stepladder. 

Here I am working on the door.

And this is the finish product.

I think it looks a lot better.

And off course one more quilt.

This one used scraps of Christmas colored material.

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Monday, September 5, 2022

Swiss Days

 Riverton, Utah        High 98 Low 67

The weather has been extremely hot for this time of year. Salt Lake has had 6 straight record setting 100 degree days, with 4 more 100 degree days predicted. The normal temperature for September is 85 and they hit 103 the other day.

We decided to go to Midway, Utah to check out Swiss Days. It is the 75th year for it in the small town. They are celebrating the founding of the town by Swiss ancestors. There is food, entertainment, and lot of vendors selling everything imaginal. And there were lots of people. We went Friday, thinking maybe there wouldn't be as many people as Saturday, but it was still crowded. 

We like the old houses and businesses in Midway. Notice the date on the one Above.

There were lots of people lined up for the food vendors.

This is a small sample of the entertainment.

Lots of different things for sale.

And of course, lots of people looking.

This one was selling freeze dried candy. They gave us a sample of big Hunk, which was crunchy and good.

It started to get hot by noon, so we left without buying anything.

And two more quilts, which I finished last week.

The first one above is about as big as I can get on my machine. At least Cindy let me do an overall pattern.

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