Saturday, September 17, 2022

Working On The Garage

 Riverton, Utah             High 72  Low 52

When We went out this morning, it was a little chilly. It is a welcome change from all the heat. I guess fall is on the way. We heard on the radio that somewhere in Utah they actually got some snow. They aso said that the ground was so warm, that it immediately melted. 

The weather stripping on the back garage was so deteriorated that I finally replaced it. The larger door is 14 feet tall, so I had to be very careful on a borrowed 12 foot stepladder. 

Here I am working on the door.

And this is the finish product.

I think it looks a lot better.

And off course one more quilt.

This one used scraps of Christmas colored material.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Great job! You are a handy man of many talents!

  2. All that quilting looks scary!!! I'm still doing edge to edge. One of these days I'll try out the more advanced stuff!! Do you rent out? I have TWO garage doors that need new weather stripping!!! It looks VERY nice!