Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy Birthday

Riverton, Utah      High 82 Low 57

The weather is starting to feel a lot more bearable. Can fall be far away?

Yesterday was our grandson, Skyler's, birthday. He is 11 years old. They sure grow up fast.
Taylor, who is six, is still a little ham. He likes to have his picture taken.
I also got a picture with both of them.
Skyler had one candle on a large piece of cake. He blew the candle out before I could get a picture of it burning.
You can see a little smoke from the candle.

Cindy has started to make peach syrup. Some of the peaches are finally ripe, while others are still rock hard. We have had a little wind the last few days and the ripe peaches end up on the ground. I have tried some of them and they are very good to eat. The poor tree has so many peaches on it that some of the branches have broken in spite of bracing them up. There are a lot of peaches on the larger peach tree. We also have a young peach tree, but it only has about 6 peaches on it.

After she gets the peaches finished, we will have to wait about a month before we can pick the grapes. The pears, while there aren't a lot, are getting big, but we don't know when we can pick them.

We have also been enjoying fresh tomatoes. We seem to get one or two ripe every day.

I also got my hearing aids and had to have some adjusting done on them. It is different being able to hear Cindy without her having to repeat what she tried to say to me. She likes it a lot better. I am still getting use to wearing them.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Food Cart

Riverton, Utah         High 86 Low 63

It is still fairly warm here. We have had very little rain since we’ve been home.

I’ve been busy doing chores around our home (since being home). The latest was to repaint the dryer and bathroom vent covers on the front porch. I thought about getting new ones, but none are made in the color I wanted, so Rust Oleum to the rescue, this time in some paint that say it will stick to plastic. The color is a little off, but is really close to the brick color.

They are a little darker than the bricks, but do look better.
I also am still quilting, the latest Cindy’s Christmas colored Oh My Gosh. It is mostly an overall pattern and is going fairly fast. Pictures of it later. Cindy did get a picture of one of the quilts I finished earlier this week.
I have been trying to get hold of my son Ted for a while. He is terrible about answering his phone or returning calls, but he finally sent a text the other night saying he wasn’t too far away with his Poutine cart. So we drove over to see him. Unfortunately, my little grandson and his mother had already left, so we didn’t get to see them. A little about Ted: a few years ago he got into selling Poutines part time doing a little traveling around the country with the cart. He liked it so much that he gave up his day job and is now doing the Poutine thing all the time. They travel all over the country to different events and from what he told me he is making a lot more money than when he worked for Dyno Nobel. It seems like a lot of work, but if he’s happy, good for him.

Kind of a wild paint job!
I finally went and ordered hearing aids. Cindy had got quite tired of repeating everything several times. They just arrived today and I haven’t tried them yet, but will tomorrow. I hope they work better than the last ones I had that somewhere I’ve lost. I get to try them out for a few days and then go back to the hearing aid guy for any fine tuning they need.

I also went back to the doctor and got a steroid injection in my knee that has been bothering me. The Doctor told me that most people get immediate relief and then the second day it bothers them for a little while. My relief was almost instant and I haven’t had any discomfort. My knee feels so much better. Cindy has been giving me a bad time about having to get a golf cart when we go back to Yuma, but says now I might not need it. We have been doing a little walking which is something I haven’t been able to do for the last couple of months.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Thing For Insurance

Riverton, Utah        High 93 Low 64

It was hot yesterday. Today there are a few clouds and it is a some cooler. I hope it lasts.

Today I went to see the doctor for my annual wellness check for the Insurance Company. While I was there I told him about the pain in my right knee so he ordered x-ray to see if there was any sign of arthritis.

Later they called back and said the x-rays showed some arthritis but there were signs of ligament damage. I don’t remember doing anything to my knee, but when I first got the pain it was so bad that I had trouble sleeping. The pain has been getting less and the doctor told me that it fit with having had an injury, even though I don’t remember getting hurt. On Thursday I get to go back and get a shot which is supposed to lessen the pain and allow the ligaments to heal.

We also talked about getting a shingles shot and I decided to have one although 15 years ago I had shingles. While I was at Walmart they suggested a flu shot since the new vaccine just came in. I also got a tetanus shot because I didn’t know when I last had one.

Like I said at first, it’s a good thing for Insurance since my co-pay for everything today was zero. Cindy looked and one of the shots was $230.00 and the other two were over $50.00 each.

Cindy took some pictures of the quilts we have got finished. Some still have to have the binding sewed down. She also got a picture of me using the pool table for a cutting table. I use the ping pong top on the table with lots of the large cutting matts. We have got way more use out of the table as a cutting table than it ever did as a pool table.

I use the weights to hold my long cutting guide.
The peach look like they might not be too far from getting ripe. I noticed that the birds have started eating some of them.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Apricots Are Finished

Riverton, Utah     High 84 Low 61

It is a lot cooler today but it is only supposed to be temporary. There are thunder showers predicted this evening and then it is supposed to get hotter again.

The apricots are almost gone. The few that are left are covered with hornets. At least we are through picking up the fallen apricots.
The pears look like they are getting a lot larger. I don’t know when they are ripe enough, but they have to be picked green and then allowed to ripen.
We also have a lot of peaches; so many, that we had to support some of the branches. They look like they will be getting ripe before long. At least they are starting to turn red. Cindy is looking forward to bottling them.

We don’t have many tomatoes so we will have to find someone that has them for sale to get enough for her to bottle.
I spent some time today pressure washing one of our patios and the colored sidewalk. 15 years of dirt seemed to have added up.

I also painted our handrails going to our lower patio. They were getting a little rusty and now they look a lot better with the Rust-Oleum paint on them.

In between all of the outside work, I managed to get 3 of Cindy’s quilts quilted. I am going to wait for another post to put pictures of them on the blog.

I would like to be traveling so I could relax a little bit. School starts in 2 weeks and then Cindy won’t have to be babysitting every day like she has been since we’ve been home.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trying to Stay Busy

Riverton, Utah      High 99 Low 70

It’s still way too warm outside to be comfortable.

We are still picking up almost 5 gallons of apricots that the birds are knocking off the tree per day. We don’t seem to have many people that are interested in getting them, even though the price is right---free and I’ll even help pick them.

We have had to prop up the branches on the peach tree and one branch still broke. I don’t know if the peaches will make it on that branch, but there are a lot.

We went to see some friends of ours and Jerry had fallen out of a tree. He told me he was up about 25 feet and the branches he was holding broke. He broke both sides of his pelvis and dislocated one leg. He also told me he had to be revived twice, once in the ambulance and once after surgery. From the x-ray, it looked like about a dozen screws and lots of metal plates holding him together. It will be a long recovery

We have had hornets going in small holes in our bricks on the big garage and I wanted to caulk the place they were going in. Because of Jerry, Cindy was afraid for me to go up the tall ladder and kept an eye on me the whole time I was on the ladder. I made it all right and she really didn’t have to worry. I told her that I’ve been on ladders my whole adult life, but she told me Jerry probably said the same thing. He was trimming the tree, but he only used a short ladder to get in the tree and then climbed on the branches the rest of the way. Yes, I’m not as young as I once was, but a little good judgement goes a long way.

The door is 14 feet tall, so it gives some idea of how high I was up.

I’ve also been busy trying to get one of Cindy’s quilts quilted, but it is a hard one to do and is taking a long time. I am on the downhill side of it though. She knows that with all the embroidery it would take a lot longer than an all over pattern.

The grapes are getting riper, but still have a while to go. The net I put up seems to be stopping the birds and we will probably get a lot of grape juice.

We have had some ripe tomatoes, but not enough to can, so we will probably have to go to one of the farmers to get enough for that.

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