Saturday, September 24, 2016

Change of Plans

Riverton, Utah    High 61 Low 43

The weather here really took a change from the almost too warm to what feels quite cold to me. It has rained for two days. The snow level on the mountains is down a long way and a lot of the leaves have turned color.

We have been waiting on word from the Utah Department of Transportation on what they are going to offer for a home we own on a road that is being widened.. They are taking all of our property along with 130 other pieces of property on the east side of the road to widen it from the current 2 lanes to 5. It is a rental for us and we wanted to replace it with something else and we were told that we should hear from them in about 6 weeks from when the appraisers were out. It now has been 8 weeks and as we have still not heard anything, we decided to make plans to head to Yuma.

We were over visiting our friends Eddie and Barbara a few days ago and they went through the same thing a few years ago. They told us that from when they found out UDOT was taking their property to when it actually happened was 4 years and their advice was not to wait for them. I guess government agencies work at their own time frame without regard to the property owners.

So we have decided to leave in 2 weeks and if we have to come back, then so be it. Cindy and I are both ready to leave for warmer climates. It might still be a little warm in Yuma but we will get used to it.

In the mean time all the peaches, pears, and apricots have been picked and bottled or frozen. We have a lot of grapes, which we will juice next week.  The tomatoes only gave us enough to eat and we had to buy some for Cindy to bottle.

We have been working on quilts and Cindy has sewn some and I have quilted them. She has made 4 since we have been home. She plans on taking the baby quilts with us and she is deciding whether to give a class on making them in the park this winter.

The following are some of what she has been working on:

The back of the first quilt. She said she just used scraps on the whole quilt.
 Another scrappy quilt with a little different pattern for the blocks. She can't stand to throw any small pieces away and this is the result.

 One of the baby quilts with a flannel back.
 This is the other baby quilt. The pin wheels  on both are 3-D.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Quilt Show and The Awful Four Letter Word

Riverton, Utah        High 70 Low 46

Today was a lot more pleasant with a high of only 70. This afternoon it got windy and cool. Last night we had some rain and we can see snow on the tops of the mountains by us. I was ready for some cooler days, but I’m not ready for the awful four letter word. Why aren’t we in Yuma? Because it’s still way too hot there. I looked and the prediction is still for 106 degrees.

Cindy got some pictures of me installing a faucet on our secondary water system so she wouldn’t have to use culinary water for the yard. We’ve been in our home for 15 years and why install the faucet now, you might ask. It was because the city turned off the secondary water for 2 weeks and things got mighty dry. I haven’t seen the water bill yet, but using culinary water instead of secondary will probably be kind of high.

Cindy also took some pictures of two of the quilts we finished. The first is called Oh My Gosh and the blocks start out as one inch strips, and then are made into 2 inch squares, some with 9 patches. The picture with the quarter isn’t very clear, but you can get the idea of how small the pieces are.

This is a king size quilt in Christmas colors.
The second quilt was a kit we picked up in Alaska and has what looks like a scene from Alaska. I used a lot of different colors quilting it with different patterns for each section.

I played with the log cabins, even quilting a door knob on it.
Today we drove to the Springville Art Museum to see a quilt show they had there. There were a lot of nice quilts and Cindy took lots of pictures. I put some of the ones I liked best on this post.

This quilt was made in memory of a little girl that died using her clothes for the blocks.

I think this was best in show.

This next quilt is for all RVers.
This movable water feature is in the lobby of the Art Museum.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Short Note

Riverton, Utah    High 81 Low 55

The weather has moderated some and is a lot more pleasant.

The peaches are finally ripe and Cindy has been freezing some. There are still a lot to pick, but we are getting it done.

There were so many yellow-jackets, that I had to buy a bee trap. It seems to have helped some, but there are still a lot of them eating our fruit.

A lot of the pears seemed ripe and I picked a box of them and am currently waiting for them to finish ripening. I have tried some of them and they were sure tasty. We have been eating peaches for about a week and they are also good.

In between all this, I have quilted several quilts. Some have been for a customer and she seemed pleased with the result. She told me today that she wants me to quilt a couple more before we go to Yuma for the winter. Cindy always has me do a lot of fancy stuff on hers, so it take me a lot longer.

I wanted to put some pictures of hers on this post, but she wants to wait until she gets through with the binding.

I hope everyone out there is doing OK.

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