Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween

Riverton, Utah       High 62 Low 35

Today was a nice day although it is supposed to get a bit cool tonight. The weather report is for nice weather for the next week and then get cold. 

I would like to be in Yuma but we are waiting until after Christmas this year.

We went for a walk around our neighborhood tonight to see the Halloween decorations lit up. One of them won first place in Riverton City's Halloween decorating contest.

The first two pictures are from a house near the winner and I liked it.

Both houses went to a lot of work decorating. The following are from the winner.

A lot of them move.

They had what looked like a mine shaft with a ladder going down it and I guess with the use of mirrors, it looked like it went down several hundred feet.

The last house had some decorations that were kind of neat. There weren't near as many, but they were well done.

We also got some pictures of the Blue Moon.

Of course I have to put pictures of one of the quilts we finished on the post.

Sandie asked how many quilts I have finished. I'm not sure but I think somewhere near 300. This includes some I have done for other people. We have a large enough family that we never sale them, but give them to kids, grand kids, and great grand kids. If we didn't have our own quilt machine, Cindy wouldn't make near as many quilts as she does. I have done several quilts for different people and have a lady bring me 3 to quilt next week. 

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

More Quilts And The Awful Four Letter Word

 Riverton, Utah       High 53 Low 30

The weather guessers were right about the cold and snow. Sunday it got down to 19 degrees, which was a new low record for the date and we woke up Sunday morning to the awful four letter word, SNOW!

All week has been cold. The snow did melt and we had lots of wind also.

We went to a yard sale on Friday that had fabric and baby quilt kits. Cindy bought three and she got right on them and got them sewed and I got them quilted by Monday. They were easy strip kits but they will make nice crib blankets, 

Penny had to check them out. We used an easy over-all pattern. It probably took me longer to load them, than to quilt them.

We have finished some other quilts as well. I hope you don't get tired of quilt pictures. The next quilt is all flannel and we used an outdoor pattern with different wild animals on it. It should be a nice warm quilt.

We also finish a large Christmas quilt, but I will wait until Cindy is finished with the binding to put it on a post. It is about as wide as I can get on my machine.

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Monday, October 19, 2020


Riverton, Utah        High 71 Low 40

It has been way colder. Can winter be far behind? It is supposed to get down to 19 next Sunday with snow Sunday or Monday. I got a picture of the first snow fall on the mountains.

Why are we still here and not in Arizona? Cindy has decided she would like to have Thanksgiving and Christmas here before heading South. It has given me time to finish some quilts. Lately I have been doing the ones she is finishing now and haven't made much dent in the ones she made last winter.

Last Saturday we got a scare. Our grand son, Devon, was really ill and his mother was sure it was Coronavirus. She got tests taken Saturday and found out Sunday that it wasn't the virus, so she thinks it is just a bad cold. The problem with all of this is that we delivered some stuff to her on Friday. We had not gone inside and wore our masks, but still.... Devon likes to play football at school, which isn't exactly a no contact sport, and we were worried that it could have been the virus.

Sorry, the pictures aren't better.

We both have been busy in between quilting doing repairs to our home. We had a small rain a few days ago, and we found out we had a leak in our sunroom ceiling, so I called a roofer to see what he could find. He looked it over and couldn't find anything so I went and got some caulk and caulked all the places I thought rain might get in. Now we have to see what happens next time it rains. 

I'm still getting about 3 days to the gallon of gas, so we aren't traveling very far.

Now I have some more quilt pictures. I just finish a witch quilt that Cindy had embroidered the blocks a long time ago. she finally put it together and we think it turned out cute.

Cindy wanted to take pictures of me trimming the quilt to size on my cutting table, which is our pool table with the ping pong top on it. It has got lots more use as a cutting table than it ever did as a pool table. It makes a nice size cutting table, nine feet by five feet.

Some of the others didn't take too long to quilt, but still they turned out nice. Here are more quilt pictures of some of the ones I have finished lately.

Another reason we are not in too big a hurry to get to Yuma is that our Park isn't doing very much with the virus thing going on. Most activities are on hold and masks have to be worn anywhere in the clubhouse area. I sure hope this pandemic gets over soon but the news just said that the next three months probably will be worse than what we have had so far. Utah's numbers are way worse than they have been with hospitals at capacity.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Looking More Like Halloween

 Riverton, Utah       High 80 Low 51

The weather has been pleasant lately. A cold front is supposed to be here next week and thing are going  to cool off 30 degrees. We have had lots of smoke from California which is supposed to go away when the cold front gets here.

We have gone for walks around our neighborhood and found two houses that really decorated for Halloween. 


Penny had to go with us (as usual).

Monday we decided to get the shingles injection in spite of the high cost. They said that we would probably not feel well for 2 or 3 days after, well, they knew what they were talking about. I had the shingles about 15 years ago and wouldn't wish it on anyone and Cindy knew she didn't want to get it so that is why we made the decision to have the shot. Now we have to go back and get another one in 2 to 6 months. We will have an early Christmas present. I hope we don't get as sick next time.

I have to put a couple of Cindy's quilts on this post. One is the finished Quilt that I put some small pictures of on the last post to show what I had to design. I really like the way it turned out. 

The next on is one of Cindy's scrappy quilts. She refuses to throw away small pieces of fabric and as a result, she make lots of scrappy quilts in various colors.

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