Sunday, June 25, 2023

Finally Got Started on Cindy's Garden Room

 Riverton, Utah       High 86 Low 55

It finally got up to normal temperatures for us. It is supposed to get to 90 by the end of the week.

We have had the drywall on the ceiling of the garden room for about 2 weeks. I finally started mudding the corners and joints this last week.

In between all the other things I'm doing I finished a couple of quilts, one a Santa quilt, of which Cindy has 3 Panels, and one that has an oriental theme.

I'm really sure that Home Depot loves to see me walk in the store because it sure seems like I have a lot of credit card charges there.

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Monday, June 19, 2023

Trunk Show

 Riverton, Utah      High 85 Low 59

It has been very windy for 2 days with terrible air quality. We can see lots of dust in the air.

We went to a Trunk Show at one of the quilt stores. The lady showing them was very into paper piecing and was trying to get us interested in classes she was putting on. The quilts were very interesting, but Cindy doesn't much care for paper piecing.

I have been busy quilting in between other things. Cindy made two beach quilts .

The next one is larger.

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Saturday, June 10, 2023

A Birthday

 Riverton, Utah      High 77 Low 53

It has been warm the last few days, it got to 88 yesterday, but a little cooler today. At least we got a short reprieve from the afternoon thunder-showers.

Today is Penny's ninth birthday. We got her toward the end of August and, as I remember. she weighted one pound 10 ounces. Now she is a hefty six pounds eight ounces. She definitely is no longer a puppy. She still thinks she needs to protect us from the evil cats. I got pictures of her on guard dog duty:

One of the neighborhood cats like to sit by our front step and listen to Penny bark, knowing she can't do anything except bark.

I got some picnic quilts quilted. there were two of them exactly the same and they didn't take too long to finish.

These were a nice easy over-all pattern.

One of our friends in Yuma gave Cindy the pieces for the next quilt, which we finished.

Cindy's son, Chris, liked the small patriotic quilt very much, so we gave it to him for helping with the sheet rock.

Her are pictures of the smallest quilt Cindy has ever made. It is for a crib quilt.

We had a graduation party for Devon and gave him a quilt for graduation. We had all the kids over. It was a large group with all the great grand kids.

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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Busy, Busy

 Riverton, Utah        High 69 Low 51

The weather has been nice with the exception of afternoon thunder-showers.

I finally got the room tested for leaks where the ceiling fell in last winter. I used grout sealer on all the joints and found about 4 inches of grout missing right above where all the water seemed to be coming in. I pulled all the old screws and nails and put the insulation back up. It was a very itchy job, but I finally was ready for sheetrock on the ceiling. 

One of our kids got a buddy from work to come over and they held the two pieces of ceiling in place while i screwed it on. Now I need to find the time to mud all the joints. 

I quilted the smallest quilt Cindy has ever made. I also got a Halloween quilt finished. I have pictures of it:

We went to our grand-sons graduation Thursday evening. It was outside in the football stadium. I'm not sure exactly how many graduates there were, but it was in excess of 700. It was a big class. 

It had rained earlier, and if the weather had been bad, we wouldn't have been able to go because they didn't have enough seating inside for all the people.

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