Sunday, September 30, 2018

Rain And Wind

Yuma, Arizona           High 96 Low 77

We have had rain and wind predicted from Hurricane Rosa. It now has been downgraded to a tropical storm. It was supposed to hit tomorrow, but just after noon today we started to hear thunder. Then the wind came up blowing sand so much that we could hardly see across the street.

Then about 2:00 the rain started. Our back patio soon was covered with water and we were able to see water coming off the roof across the street.

Looking out our front door, it looked like a flood coming out of the sky. I need to mention that Yuma's normal rainfall is about 3 1/2 inches per year and we got way more than that this afternoon.

One of the other Park residents told us about some trees down and we decided to go look after the rain stopped.

Good thing this tree fell on the street sign and not on the house it is (was) by.

The grass area by us was flooded as was the small dog park. Penny has been wanting to go to the small dog park since we have been here and today while we were so close, she insisted we visit the park, so we took her.

This is the grass by us. Looks like a lake.

Once last year the water got just inside the fence. This time the whole small dog park is flooded.

After we got there she decided she didn't want to swim, so we walked back home.

We could see on the roads how high the water had been and so it was no wonder the grassy areas were flooded. They were designed to be low places in the Park for flood retention and it was good because they worked.

We have had water on the small dog park and the grass by us before, but it wasn't near as much as this storm.

The weather guessers are saying more rain tonight, tomorrow, and into Tuesday. We were told that today's storm wasn't as bad as we are getting later. We are hoping it doesn't flood us out.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Moving Our Thermostat

Yuma, Arizona               High 102 Low 77

Yes it's still warm! Almost too warm to be out during the heat of the day.

We finally got the yard clean-up finished. It took so long because of the above reason and that we didn't feel like we were in any mad rush to get finished.

Today I started moving our thermostat on our home here in Yuma. In my past life as a heating contractor one of the things you never, ever did was locate the thermostat by any exterior door. And normal height for residential was 52 inches from the floor. Commercial height was 60 inches and handicap was 48 inches.

On this home the thermostat was right next to the front door and set at commercial height. It has bothered me since we have had this home and I decided it was time to do something about it. Where it was located, we got the heat from the morning sun and if it were cold outside, the cool from the door whenever it was opened.

I had to dill a hole in the floor to get a longer wire to the new thermostat location. Cindy had to help me with the fish tape and hooking the wire on so I could pull the new wire down but we got it completed.

The job isn't finished because by the time we got the wire into the crawl space it was getting too warm to disconnect the old thermostat and to get into the crawl space again.

We will finish the move tomorrow. The new thermostat is on the wall (and so is the old one). Then I will have some patching to do and a little painting.

In the above picture both thermostats are visible.

Last spring one of our neighbors had Cindy make here a quilt for her bed, which we got quilted while we were in Utah. We brought it with us and gave it to her. She thanked us with an edible bouquet. She wanted to pay us for our work, but she has done so many things for us, that we declined payment. She live here alone all year, leaving for short times during the summer. She looks after things for us and waters plants if needed in addition the the Parks system so all is good.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Why Are We Here?

Yuma, Arizona         High 101  Low 79

We left Riverton Wednesday and drove straight through to Yuma. It was an 11 1/2 hour drive. I'm afraid I am old enough that I don't think I would enjoy that long a drive by myself, but of coarse I'm not 18 any longer. Cindy drives about half the way. We only take our car to Yuma, not the truck and fiver.

When we got here our yard was in as bad of shape as it has been since we first came here. The neighbors told us that they had high winds at the end of summer which blew lots of sand around. A lot of it ended up in our back yard.

We have spent the last two days cleaning up sand and leaves and still aren't finished. It really is too hot in the middle of the day to be working outside so it is going to take us a while to finish up.

We came here two weeks earlier than before and probably will wait until the first of October before heading south another time.

To answer the question above: We are here because we can be, but are going to be a little later next time.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

More Utah Fires

Riverton, Utah               High 90 Low 59

When we woke up this morning the air was extremely smokey. It was so bad that we both could smell it and Cindy even had coughing spells.

We found out later that there were new fires south of us. About 70,000 acres were on fire in the new fire. The smoke is so bad that air support for putting out the fire is not possible.

This afternoon the wind must be coming from a different direction because the air is relatively clear.

We have been watching the weather forecasts for Yuma and by next Wednesday it is supposed to be 102 with under 100 for a few days after that. So we have decided to leave here next Wednesday and head south for the winter.

We will have to come back to Utah just after Christmas for a few days for Cindy's Moms 90th birthday. Linda want to put on a big birthday party for her and we want to be there.

No new news, we have been busy quilting and Cindy has stayed busy taking care of the yard.

We are both looking forward to spending time in Yuma even though the season doesn't officially start until Halloween.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Went To See Cindy's Mom

Riverton, Utah      High 88 Low 57

The weather here has been so warm and they are having 105+ weather in Yuma, so we have decided to hold off a little longer before we leave for Yuma. Did I mention all the smoke here? Last week another fire started by Ogden and that has not helped the air quality at all.

We both have been working on quilts and got  some finished to take with us to Yuma.

Today we went to see Cindy's Mom and she seems to be doing a lot better. I spent some time helping her work on one of her jig saw puzzles.

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Holiday. The interstate seemed to have a lot of campers, boats and ATVs heading home.

Sorry about no pictures today.

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