Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Moving Our Thermostat

Yuma, Arizona               High 102 Low 77

Yes it's still warm! Almost too warm to be out during the heat of the day.

We finally got the yard clean-up finished. It took so long because of the above reason and that we didn't feel like we were in any mad rush to get finished.

Today I started moving our thermostat on our home here in Yuma. In my past life as a heating contractor one of the things you never, ever did was locate the thermostat by any exterior door. And normal height for residential was 52 inches from the floor. Commercial height was 60 inches and handicap was 48 inches.

On this home the thermostat was right next to the front door and set at commercial height. It has bothered me since we have had this home and I decided it was time to do something about it. Where it was located, we got the heat from the morning sun and if it were cold outside, the cool from the door whenever it was opened.

I had to dill a hole in the floor to get a longer wire to the new thermostat location. Cindy had to help me with the fish tape and hooking the wire on so I could pull the new wire down but we got it completed.

The job isn't finished because by the time we got the wire into the crawl space it was getting too warm to disconnect the old thermostat and to get into the crawl space again.

We will finish the move tomorrow. The new thermostat is on the wall (and so is the old one). Then I will have some patching to do and a little painting.

In the above picture both thermostats are visible.

Last spring one of our neighbors had Cindy make here a quilt for her bed, which we got quilted while we were in Utah. We brought it with us and gave it to her. She thanked us with an edible bouquet. She wanted to pay us for our work, but she has done so many things for us, that we declined payment. She live here alone all year, leaving for short times during the summer. She looks after things for us and waters plants if needed in addition the the Parks system so all is good.

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  1. I agree with your relocating the Thermostat. Someone probably thought it would sense more heat by the door making the AC run longer.
    Nice Gift as a payment.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.