Sunday, September 30, 2018

Rain And Wind

Yuma, Arizona           High 96 Low 77

We have had rain and wind predicted from Hurricane Rosa. It now has been downgraded to a tropical storm. It was supposed to hit tomorrow, but just after noon today we started to hear thunder. Then the wind came up blowing sand so much that we could hardly see across the street.

Then about 2:00 the rain started. Our back patio soon was covered with water and we were able to see water coming off the roof across the street.

Looking out our front door, it looked like a flood coming out of the sky. I need to mention that Yuma's normal rainfall is about 3 1/2 inches per year and we got way more than that this afternoon.

One of the other Park residents told us about some trees down and we decided to go look after the rain stopped.

Good thing this tree fell on the street sign and not on the house it is (was) by.

The grass area by us was flooded as was the small dog park. Penny has been wanting to go to the small dog park since we have been here and today while we were so close, she insisted we visit the park, so we took her.

This is the grass by us. Looks like a lake.

Once last year the water got just inside the fence. This time the whole small dog park is flooded.

After we got there she decided she didn't want to swim, so we walked back home.

We could see on the roads how high the water had been and so it was no wonder the grassy areas were flooded. They were designed to be low places in the Park for flood retention and it was good because they worked.

We have had water on the small dog park and the grass by us before, but it wasn't near as much as this storm.

The weather guessers are saying more rain tonight, tomorrow, and into Tuesday. We were told that today's storm wasn't as bad as we are getting later. We are hoping it doesn't flood us out.

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  1. That is a whole lot of rain. Hope it stays over in the retention area. We are in Fredericksburg, VA and Jim commented that this is the place where we first met Penny.

  2. Aren't those storms just amazing? I can't believe how much water they can dump in the desert. Poor Penny ... she will have to wait until the water subsides unless you've got a tiny rowboat in your house. Lots of tree damage ... those Palo Verde trees are not very stable and seem to break easily.

    1. There are others that are still standing but don’t look too stable.

  3. No messing with Mother Nature and with all the storms we've been getting it looks like she is really mad.
    Penny will just have to be patient for things to dry out.
    Glad you didn't have any damage.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. That sure is one heck of a lot of rain in short period. Hope you don't get flooded out.