Sunday, October 7, 2018

Perfect Weather

Yuma, Arizona         High 84 Low 62

After all the rain last week, the weather today couldn't have been better. We went for a couple of walks, one of which we took Penny to the small dog park. At first she was the only dog there, but another small dog showed up after a little while.

We didn't know the dog, but the two of them seemed to get along alright. After some sniffing they seemed to just ignore each other. It was still a little warm for them while we were there.

There are a lot more people showing up almost every day. The activities in the Park don't start until after Halloween and then a person can stay as busy as they want to.

The weather back in Utah has been rainy for the past week and looks like it will keep up for the next week.

We got some picture of the mountains by Salt Lake City and there is snow. I'm glad we are here and not back there even though we probably came to Yuma two weeks early.

It looks plenty cold up there. These pictures are looking at the Wasatch Mountains east of Salt Lake Valley.

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  1. Brrrrrrr ..... although it sure looks better than 107 degrees!!