Thursday, February 28, 2019

Some Sad News

Yuma, Arizona

This morning I got a phone call from my youngest daughter, Sabrina, telling me that my oldest daughter, Andrea had died this morning. We don’t have too many details other than my grandson found her breathing this morning but he couldn’t wake her up. The paramedics weren’t able to revive her and they got blood in the inhilator.

We are heading to Utah in the morning.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Some Catch Up

Yuma, Arizona              High 56 Low 41

It is colder than usual here in Yuma (and a lot of other places). We have had rain this morning with more predicted for this afternoon.

Last week we went to a concert by John Conlee. This concert was a little different in that the singer was the actual John Conlee, not just a tribute like most of our others. He was very good and sang a lot of his famous hits, like Rose Colored Glasses, Miss Emily's Picture, and I don't remember Loving You. There were a lot of others. I think everyone that likes old country enjoyed the concert.

Yesterday was my birthday. Cindy surprised me with a cake at our quilt class. Right now I'm looking pretty scruffy getting ready for the Red Neck Olympics here in our Park. The Red Neck Olympics are the invention of Tom Wells. He is always coming up with different things for us to do. Perhaps we old people have too much time on our hands and need some of these type things to keep us going.

There are seven teams, all of which sponsor a different event. Ours is seed spitting. There are also Beaver shaving, a balloon will be covered with shaving cream and will have to be shaved off without popping the balloon. There is Red Neck golf, hub cap toss, frozen turkey rolling, Wet toilet paper tossing, and turd tossing (not real, but Plastic). Our team are the Beer Belly Boys and the Hillbilly Honeys. We made up these back patches for our athletes.

Each team gets an hour with each team hosting someone from all the other teams. and at the end of the afternoon, each team will race in a boat made of empty water bottles and duct tape.

We took ours to the Colorado River to test it and also so no other team could see how ours was built. It worked well and now is under cover so we can't be copied. I will have to wait to put pictures of all the events and boats in a future post.

All the playing (Red Neck Olympics) are scheduled for March 2nd.

Today we went to a small quilt show put on by another park. We always enjoy going to see quilts on display. While the we ran into Evelyn Breutzmann of RV Kronicles of Kevelyn. Although it was small, there were a lot of well made quilts with nice quilting.

Tomorrow we have another quilt show which should be a little larger.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines Day

Yuma, Arizona             High 65 low 51

Today it rained all morning and into the afternoon. When it finally quit raining, the wind blew hard for a while. After about sunset the wind and rain stopped. It is still a lot better than all the cold and snow back in Utah.

We both have been busy here in our Park. We had another concert and we both help with the quilt class every Wednesday.

We also had what they call open Mic night where anything goes. I have told jokes and others have done skits. We all have fun with this.

This afternoon we went over to our neighbor, Carla's, for a pre-Mobster Dinner. It was for the people dressed in costume for the dinner and for those of us that weren't going. There were a lot of couples that stopped by that were going to the dinner.

This is Tom and his wife Barbara dressed up for the Mobster Dinner. Tom is the one in our Park that thinks up all the new activities. The Mobster Ball has been going on for quite a while (long before Tom).

There were snacks for all and those of us that weren't going stayed around and talked for a while. We all had a good visit and the food was good.

We all had a good Valentines Day and I hope you did as well.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Concert and Craft/Show and Tell

Yuma, Arizona              High 69 Low 51

Last week we went to a Little Richard tribute concert here in the Park. The entertainer went down and chatted with the audience prior to his concert.

He also talked to us during the show. He sang several Elvis songs along with Little Richard. He also sang some Beetles songs.

While he was talking to the audience, he pick on one man, telling him he looked like Kenny Rogers. He also sang some Kenny Rogers songs. Because he told us he lives in Hawaii, some one asked him to sing a Hawaiian song and he sang Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles".

This is part of our ball room. 
He was a very good entertainer and everyone had a good time.

Saturday there was a Craft Show scheduled at which the things were for sale. Cindy asked a month ago if we could have a show and tell of all the different hobbies and they were put together on the same day.

We had a lot of people there to see what we had on display.

Cindy had asked for two tables (we don't have any way to hang our Quilts). I told her she needed more tables but she thought she could get by with two. She had so many quilts that she could have had her own quilt show and ended up taking 3 1/2 tables. Some of the quilt ladies had signed up and asked for a table and then only had a few quilt to show.

Some of the Craft Items for sale were Wooden bowls, Jewelry, photography, Paintings, and even jams and jelly.

Along with the quilts that weren't for sale, there was pottery displays, stained glass, knitting and jewelry all of which were there to show off.

We had fun showing off what we can do and I hope they do it again.

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