Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines Day

Yuma, Arizona             High 65 low 51

Today it rained all morning and into the afternoon. When it finally quit raining, the wind blew hard for a while. After about sunset the wind and rain stopped. It is still a lot better than all the cold and snow back in Utah.

We both have been busy here in our Park. We had another concert and we both help with the quilt class every Wednesday.

We also had what they call open Mic night where anything goes. I have told jokes and others have done skits. We all have fun with this.

This afternoon we went over to our neighbor, Carla's, for a pre-Mobster Dinner. It was for the people dressed in costume for the dinner and for those of us that weren't going. There were a lot of couples that stopped by that were going to the dinner.

This is Tom and his wife Barbara dressed up for the Mobster Dinner. Tom is the one in our Park that thinks up all the new activities. The Mobster Ball has been going on for quite a while (long before Tom).

There were snacks for all and those of us that weren't going stayed around and talked for a while. We all had a good visit and the food was good.

We all had a good Valentines Day and I hope you did as well.

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  1. So just what do you EAT at a Mobster Dinner? Cute idea ... I love the costumes!!

  2. That sounds like another fun day with all those Mobsters.