Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year

Riverton, Utah          High 34 Low 21

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I'm hoping next year is better than the last one has been!

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Monday, December 28, 2020

Christmas Star and Another Quilt

 Riverton, Utah       High 32 Low 18

It has been snowing slightly all day. There isn't much accumulation. It has been really cold.

We went out to where there weren't any houses and on about the only clear night, we got to see the convergence of Jupiter and Neptune, the Christmas Star. I got a few pictures but they aren't blown up like some we have seen. 

It was worth seeing.

Penny got a haircut today in preparation for going south. The only glitch is that we may not get to go now because of a serious  health problem with one of our grand-daughters. We planned on leaving Wednesday but won't know either way until tomorrow when she goes and see the Doctor.

Sorry that the pictures of Penny are fuzzy, but she wouldn't hold still to have her picture taken.

The following are pictures of one of the quilts I finished. I like the way it turned out.

It took some planning to get the ovals to line up right. We both like the end result.

On Christmas day we had a zoom meeting with my kids and some of the grandkids. We gave my daughter, that lives nearby, a quilt. She sowed it off on the zoom, and my other daughter told me that she broke down and cried after I left the meeting because she was so glad to get it. 

As for going to Yuma, I'm afraid family comes first and we shall see what tomorrow brings.

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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Almost Christmas

 Riverton, Utah       High 39 Low 28

It is still cold today but not as cold as it has been.

We have had some snow but most of it has melted. The weather guessers say we have several big snow storms headed our way.

We have been reluctant to have Penny's hair cut as she gets so cold. She is scheduled for a hair cut the Monday after Christmas and she should look a lot better. One day she stayed out way longer than usual and when she came in, she shivered for a long time and wanted to be held. This lasted for the rest of the day and we think she got hypothermia. The next day she was back to being herself and we have watched more carefully how long she gets to stay out.

This is the shaggiest Penny has ever been.

Cindy's two Christmas cactuses are in full bloom and look nice.


We both have been busy with quilts. Cindy making them and me quilting. I have one customer that brought two quilts for me to do so she could get them out for Christmas presents. 

We make some Christmas present deliveries yesterday, one of which was to Provo for two great grandsons.

I filled the car with gas yesterday and it has been a month almost to the day since it was last filled and it took 14 gallons. You can see how little we have been driving. Cindy says we will make up for it when we go to Yuma, which we still plan on after Christmas. Not sure exactly which day because of not sure of weather conditions.

Now more quilt pictures, I hope you are not getting tired of seeing what we have been doing.

Cindy keeps telling me that it takes her a lot longer to make a quilt than it does for me to quilt but this one took me way longer to quilt. 

I had to design some of the patterns so the machine could do the sewing.

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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Is 2020 Like The Movie Ground Hog Day?

 Riverton, Utah             High 41 Low 21

Last night we watched the movie Ground Hog Day. Someone estimated that Bill Murray's character had to have lived February 2nd for almost 34 years to have been through everything he did. I almost feel like I have lived 2020 for at least 10 years. Wake up, shower, quilt for most of the day, watch TV in the evening, same thing day after day. Cindy says she gets up, quilts for a while, cooks, quilts again, watches TV in the evening, day after day. But hey, at least we are staying away from the virus and do have going to Yuma at the end of the month. Life really is good. 

Cindy has been giving me a bad time about being able to do the machine quilting faster than she can make the quilts, but that finally changed. She found an animal quilt that someone had put the blocks together. We got it at a yard sale sometime. It only took her part of a day to put it together and because of the pattern we bought for it, it took me all of 2 days to quilt. It wasn't hard to do with the computer, but it took a while to sew each pattern.

I put a picture of the pattern on this post because it is a little hard to see on the finished quilt.

Another quilt I finished was a Santa embroidery quilt. this one took a while to quilt, but still not as long as it took Cindy to embroider. 

Cindy made this leaf quilt from a quilt she saw on the internet and she figured out the pattern. We used a maple leaf pattern to quilt it.

Cindy has our home looking like Christmas. Everywhere you look there are decorations.

She put out all the decorations because we haven't been here to put them out for a few years.

I hope you don't mind all the quilt pictures. 

It has been cold lately. When Penny goes out, she is only outside for a few minutes and is barking at the door to come back inside. Most of the time she then wants Cindy or I to hold her and cover her with a blanket for a little while to warm up. But don't get the idea that she is a little spoiled, she is a whole lot spoiled. Penny is getting pretty shaggy, but we don't want to get her hair cut because she would be even colder.

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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

 Riverton, Utah     High 37 Low 19

It's going to be cold tonight. The weather guessers predicted snow but, so far, the sun is still shining.

We got things going for Thanksgiving dinner. It seems strange to be just the two of us, but the doctors and those that should know, advised against large family gatherings. All the hospitals are full and they tell us that people can be spreaders of the virus and not know it. 

Cindy set the table and we delivered some of the dinner to Tammy and the kids. 

Notice that Cindy is wearing her mask.

While the dinner was cooking, we started putting up Christmas. Cindy likes to decorate but this year we are holding it down a little. We got our family room started and the tree still needs it's decorations. At least it is a start.

I'm not sure why Blogger wants to keep changing their format, when what they had worked. Today, I had to hunt for where to insert pictures. Instead of having the icon that was there before, now I had to click on more, oh well, I found it. When they have something that works, why change it? Just to confuse the old people?

I have been busy quilting and finished another motorcycle quilt. This is the second one. I think it turned out nice. 

I have finished a lot of small quilts and Cindy says I'm catching up to her, but she seems to keep finding more to keep me busy. Hey, at least she keeps me busy.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Thanksgiving again.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Another Update

 Riverton, Utah       High 50 Low 30

Winter has come at last. I'm cold all the time, sure wish we were in Yuma.

I went today to buy thread for my quilting machine and found out it is not only Cindy's thread that they are having problems getting. My quilt store told me that they are having trouble getting the thread I normally use and so I had to go with another brand. The only difference is that the brand I bought seems to make more lint as I sew. 

We have been staying home mostly, both of us busy quilting. Cindy did say that she is getting tired of not going anywhere but the coronavirus numbers in Utah (and it seems everywhere) are way up with Utah setting new records almost daily. I afraid it's not the kind of record you want.

We have been decorating for Christmas way earlier than usual but Cindy wants to enjoy it here for a while. We are not going to have kids over for Thanksgiving. Cindy is going to cook a large turkey and make pies, then we are going to deliver part of the food to Tammy and the grand-kids. It won't be the same but we are trying to stay away from the virus.

They talk like they are close to having a vaccine but it won't be available to the general public until probably next July, so it looks like we might have almost another year of this thing. I'm really tired of it all, but we can't do anything about it. 

Sorry no pictures this time.

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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Cindy's Thread is Like Gold

 Riverton, Utah       High 64 Low 34

It looks like winter has made it. Right now it is raining but is supposed to snow overnight. 

It has been really windy all day which resulted in most of the leaves blowing off the trees.

First thing this morning we raked the back yard and filled 2 garbage cans. This afternoon we couldn't tell that we had even been there.

These pictures are of our front yard. I'll probably wait till the wind and snow quit to clean them up. 

The other day I tried to buy thread for Cindy using the Jo-Ann app. It kept getting fouled up and I ended up ordering 13 spools. From this, you can tell where our priorities are, hoarding thread and M&M Peanuts. When we went to pick the thread up they only had three spools. We have checked at the store for the last 2 months and there hasn't been even one roll, so we were glad to get the three.

This afternoon I went to Smith's Grocery store to get some things after ordering them on the app. I was soon notified that some of the things I ordered were out of stock and were the substitutions OK. When I got my order the store employee told me that since Utah has had record numbers of the virus, they are out of lots of things. I guess people don't have their 20 year supply of toilet paper because he told me they can't keep in it. He said they have lots of empty shelves again, just like last spring.

About a month ago our governor was wanting to get down to 300 new cases of the virus per day in Utah. Friday they hit within 12 cases of 3000. I haven't heard how many today. Utah for the last while has had way more than Arizona, which was way higher than Utah. I know I am way tired of the whole thing.

We have been busy, Cindy making quilts, me quilting. Here are the latest pictures of the ones I have finished lately. Cindy is getting behind on her bindings.

I have one of my customers bring 2 quilts to do on Monday. I think she said they were baby size quilts.

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