Sunday, December 20, 2020

Almost Christmas

 Riverton, Utah       High 39 Low 28

It is still cold today but not as cold as it has been.

We have had some snow but most of it has melted. The weather guessers say we have several big snow storms headed our way.

We have been reluctant to have Penny's hair cut as she gets so cold. She is scheduled for a hair cut the Monday after Christmas and she should look a lot better. One day she stayed out way longer than usual and when she came in, she shivered for a long time and wanted to be held. This lasted for the rest of the day and we think she got hypothermia. The next day she was back to being herself and we have watched more carefully how long she gets to stay out.

This is the shaggiest Penny has ever been.

Cindy's two Christmas cactuses are in full bloom and look nice.


We both have been busy with quilts. Cindy making them and me quilting. I have one customer that brought two quilts for me to do so she could get them out for Christmas presents. 

We make some Christmas present deliveries yesterday, one of which was to Provo for two great grandsons.

I filled the car with gas yesterday and it has been a month almost to the day since it was last filled and it took 14 gallons. You can see how little we have been driving. Cindy says we will make up for it when we go to Yuma, which we still plan on after Christmas. Not sure exactly which day because of not sure of weather conditions.

Now more quilt pictures, I hope you are not getting tired of seeing what we have been doing.

Cindy keeps telling me that it takes her a lot longer to make a quilt than it does for me to quilt but this one took me way longer to quilt. 

I had to design some of the patterns so the machine could do the sewing.

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  1. Beautiful quilts!!! What treasures they are!
    Don in Okla.

  2. Sure glad we don't have that four letter word. And Penny may be shaggy but she is adorable. Have a Merry Christmas. The quilts are gorgeous.

  3. Oh my goodness ... you guys just kill me with those beautiful quilts. Makes me want to spend a fortune on fabric!! I never let my pups stay out very long ... they don't have enough fur to keep them warm. Glad Penny is okay. She's such a sweetheart!!

  4. Make certain of your departure date before getting Penny's haircut or wait until you are back to Yuma otherwise she'll really get sick.
    Our Christmas Cactus is not blooming this year.
    Those Quilts are works of Art but you could quilt a plain piece of material and create a beautiful design.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a Merry Christmas.

    It's about time.