Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Penny Was Upset

Yuma, Arizona           High 98 Low 73

It was another hot day here in Yuma and the wind came up this morning.

We took Penny to the groomer this morning. As usual she didn't want to stay. We then drove to San Luis where we walked into Mexico. The dentist was a little busy when we got there but we were still finished in less than an hour.

I had him clean out some of the cement from the bridge and had him do a little touch up on some high spots on the new crown. It fits a lot better now. I was expecting a porcelain bridge but when Sandie and I went back, mine was gold. I guess since I had gold caps before he decided to do gold. My bill with 4 teeth total out of gold came to $600. I would have had to have 2 more implants, but the last bridge lasted more than 30 years and if this one lasts that long I'm not going to care. This time both teeth holding the bridge have had root canals where last time one of them got infection and left me with holes where 2 teeth had been. This should be better. Implants would have been $3000 with 3 months or more between posts and getting the tooth.

Cindy got her teeth cleaned and he only charged $20.00 not the $30 I was expecting. I guess Sandie heard wrong.

We then drove back to our home and after an hour we went to get Penny. She was glad to see us but as soon as she got in the car she didn't want Cindy to hold her and road home in her car seat. It took about 3 hours before she would have anything to do with either of us and then she only let me hold her where usually she is Cindy's dog. It usually takes her about a half a day to forgive us for taking her to the awful groomers.

She went under our dining room table and didn't want anyone to touch her.

We finished up Cindy's UFO and this time I got a picture. We took the block of the month class at least 5 years ago and she is glad to have it finished.

She is also working on two embroidered Santa quilts. One is finished except outside borders. The other will be with red pieces instead of green. She also has been trying to get ready for her classes with block of the week which is what we are doing so the ladies can get enough for a quilt while they are here.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Ladies

Yuma, Arizona          High 97 Low 73

Today was going to be hot again so we did our outside stuff this morning. The Palms landscaper came by early this morning to fix a leak at our neighbors and while he was testing her irrigation line ours had water in it and I was able to check my repair for leaks. It had with no leaks so I buried the wire and waterline. Then I vacuumed all the leaves which probably was a waste of time because there is supposed to be more wind tomorrow. Oh Well.

We worked the rest of the day on one of Cindy's UFOs that she has been putting off for probably 5 years. For you non quilters, UFOs are Unfinished Objects.When we get it finished, I'll put some pictures on the post.

Yesterday was our friends Joan and Lynn's birthday. Since Cindy's was last Tuesday they invited us to go with them to Red Lobster for a birthday dinner. We visited for a while and the food was very good.

The three birthday girls, from left: Lynn, Cindy, and Joan. The waiters sang Happy Birthday to them and they got some Ice Cream.

Our neighbor Tom had his first Sunday Sundae last night at 7:00 so we had to hurry home for Ice Cream. Tom always gets lots of people for his Sunday night Ice Cream and last night was no exception. We got to see several people that had just arrived in the Park and everyone had their ice cream and visited for a while.
Tom hangs out the Cones whenever there is Sunday Sundae.

Penny wanted to lick my bowl dry and I let her (she isn't a little spoiled, she is a whole bunch spoiled or maybe I'm just easy for her to train). Anyway she enjoyed her few licks.

Does that look like a happy puppy?
It is supposed to be hot tomorrow and then cool off for a while. We'll see how the weather guessers do. It is still better than the cold they are having back in Utah.

Tomorrow Penny has an appointment to get her hair cut and while she is at the groomers Cindy and I are going to see the dentist in Mexico by San Luis. I need a little adjustment and the little bit of excess cement removed and Cindy wants to have her teeth cleaned.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sandie and I Ran Away to Mexico Together!

Yuma, Arizona   High 86 Low 62

The weather has moderated some in the last week. Yesterday it got quite windy.

Last Tuesday we were invited to a Happy Hour at one of our friends here in the Park. As it turned out Jim and Sandie Dixon also came down from Apache Junction to stay with us for a few days. We had told them that we had a spare bedroom, but they brought their little trailer which they parked in our drive way.
Tuesday was Cindy's birthday and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.

Sandie calls RJ Jim's Velcro dog because anytime he is not with Jim he barks constantly. When he is in the trailer with the windows closed we could hardly hear him, but it bothers Sandie.

Wednesday Sandie and I ran away together to Mexico. Not to worry, we came back to Yuma. Actually we drove to San Luis so we both could go to the dentist. Last year Sandie had gone to Dr, Sergio Bernal just across the boader into Mexico to have a bridge made. She liked him well enough to go back to get a crown replaced.

I had two top teeth missing and decided I didn't really want to go the implant route again, so I had a bridge made. We walked in and were taken in almost immediately. He did the preliminary work on both of us Wednesday and were told to return Thursday for the fitting. When we went back Sandie went to get her crown installed and I walked to a Farmacia for some of Cindy's meds where the dentist recommended. The prices were a very little more than Algodones, but not much and since we were there, it saved one trip.

When I got back from the Farmacia, Sandie was finished up and he took me right in. I am going to go back and get a little more fitting done and there is a little cement between the new bridge and the next tooth that needs to be removed. Other than that I am happy with the result and the price is a lot less than Algodones and he was extremely fast. It was a little over two hours from when we left our home until we got back each time.

Jim and Sandie left for Apache Junction yesterday morning. It was nice to have our friends stay with us, even if Jim didn't get to go to Mexico with us. When I go back Cindy is going to go with me to have her teeth cleaned.

When we got back we noticed a leak in our drip system. I had thought it was from the water lines to the Palm tree that died but I had blocked them off and we were still getting water, so I dug the line up and found a kink that had split open. I think I have it fixed, but will have to wait until Monday when they put water into our line again to find out.
The leak was where the white fitting is now.
Cindy also wanted to put a picture of our grapefruit on this post. Our tree is loaded and we expect to have lots of grapefruit when they get ripe.
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Busy in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona       High 94 Low 67

We both are enjoying all the hot weather here in Yuma except the predicted 100 for Tuesday and Wednesday will probably be a little uncomfortable.

We managed to do a little sight seeing. We had heard how hard it was to get dates and since we had a tree to replace we debated getting a date palm instead of the orange we were replacing. but after driving through some of the date orchards and watching all the workers putting bags on the trees, we decided we better just stay with the dwarf orange we were replacing.

The taller trees required what resembled a lift that power linemen use to put the bags on along with lots of workers. We had no desire for that much labor.

Our grapefruit tree is loaded with lots of green grapefruit. By January we should be able to enjoy fresh grapefruit.

One of the other winter residents of our park, Tom, got here shortly after us and started up the Palms Bike Brigade like we had last year. Three nights a week we get together by the front gate and ride around the Park for about a half hour, or when we get tired, while Tom plays music as we ride along. We get in about 3 miles and I was really out of shape at first, but now both Cindy and I are riding further than at first.
Of course Penny has to go along on all the rides. I'm third from the right and if you look closely you can see Penny's head sticking out of her red bag.

When we bought this house it came completely furnished with the exception of a bed-room set. We did get a really nice mattress and box spring set which we have had on the floor. We finally found an oak set that we really like and ordered it. In about two weeks we will finally have a bed room furniture set. That means no more living out of plastic boxes in our closet and we will finally get drawers to put our clothes in. Getting the tall chest of drawers required raising the TV in our bed room 8 inches to accommodate the taller Chest.

The Park has been reseeding all the grassy areas of the Park and it has been so hot that I haven't taken Penny to the small dog Park, but as soon as more of her friends get here that will become a daily ritual. She seems to enjoy playing with all her doggie friends. The once we did walk to the small dog park, she seemed to know where we were going and walked all the way without me having to carry her. When we first got here, Penny got out a couple of times and she ran next door to see if her dog friend, Alex, was here but they aren't coming until the first of next month.

This Park had a special for first time People to this Park where the gave 2 for 1, buy one week, get two, up to pay for 3 months get 6 months. It ended at the end of September and was only good for the present season. They told us that over 100 new people took advantage of the special and the park will be full for the first 3 months of 2018. The idea was to get new people to see the Park with the hope of maybe selling more lots. We have been told that when this Park was developed, the developers wanted to be out in 5 years, but they are now into it going on 10 years and are making other specials.

We liked the Park well enough to buy into it and maybe others will also. When things really get going after the first of November, you can stay as busy as you want with all the activities. I may have said it before, but some of what we liked about this park is that you actually own the property rather than merely renting. We also like the front guard station. We have had several people that wanted to see us that didn't know our lot number, that had to call and get it before they were allowed in. When we leave for the summer, we have no worries about leaving our winter home unattended.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

We Are in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona           High 98 Low 67

The weather here is certainly warmer than Utah! By 10:00 in the morning it is too warm to work outside.

We got here late Tuesday evening after a 12 hour ride from Riverton. Part of the time was spent waiting for construction on the roller coaster road (Highway 95 from Needles, California to Parker , Arizona). If you've ever driven it, you know why it is called that. There was a stretch of about 5 miles that had one lane with a pilot car. We waited about 25 minutes for the other direction to clear cut and when we finally got going it looked like about a mile of cars and trucks in front of us. Then they went about 10 to 15 miles an hour for part of the 5 miles. We lost almost an hour through there. The good part is the road that was finished seemed a lot better than in the past.

We both have been working hard at unloading and yard clean-up since we've been here. We went out early this morning and cut and piled up the dead palm fronds. We had one palm tree that didn't look too good last year that died over the summer and I will have to cut it down when its not so hot.

Yesterday we went to Fry's grocery store, partly because they give a 10% discount for seniors the first Wednesday of each month. We needed a lot of groceries and they had a lot of good sales going on and with their digital coupons and the 10% we saved a third on the groceries we got.

We have one orange tree that hasn't done well since we have had this house and will probably replace it with another kind of tree.

All the activities don't get going until the end of the month and then we will both be really busy with some of them. Cindy volunteered to teach a quilt block class and instead of a block of the month, it will be a block of the week. That will keep her really busy.

And I plan on shuffle board again and so we both will be busy.

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