Sunday, May 30, 2021

More Quilts and Yard Sales

 Riverton, Utah       High 79 Low 59

It looks like summer finally has arrived. It is supposed to get up into the mid nineties by The end of the coming  week.

Memorial Day is tomorrow but we don't have anything planned. 

We have both been busy, Cindy making more quilts (she is currently working on 4 different ones). She says she get tired of the same one so she rotates which one to sew. She also stays busy working on the back yard.

I have been busy doing some repairs and quilting some of Cindy's finished quilts. One was a picnic quilt with embroidered ants, so I used an ant pattern on it. The other is another scrappy quilt.

 Yesterday we went yard selling. When we got to one that said estate sale Cindy thought she had hit the jack-pot. There were a lot (14, I think) of ceramic pots, a lot of which had flowers in them. Most were sets of threes. There were so many that it took two trips to get them all home and on our second trip the people selling the things showed Cindy some more pots that we had missed the first time so she bought them also.  She is using them to decorate the back yard. 

You can see, from the pictures , that there are a lot of plants and flowers.

These last two pictures are some things we found at an different yard sale. The small packages on the lower right of the second picture are card making die cuts that Cindy got for $5.00 for the three. The original price was on them and they were $29.95 each. 

She felt like she did all right at the yard sales yesterday.

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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Back To Semi-Normal

 Riverton, Utah       High 57   Low 39

Today was cool and it tried to rain all day. That and the wind didn't make it an outside day. 

We had our friends, Mike and Kathy, stop last Wednesday. They have a home in our RV Park in Yuma and live in Washington in the summer. They spent about two hours with us on their way to Washington. Mikes mother lives outside Bend, Oregon and they were going to stop to see her on the way home. They spent two days driving to see us and then 2 days to Mikes Moms. then another day to get home. It makes a long trip for them. They were pulling their trailer, which will now stay in Washington, so that's why so slow.

Cindy has trouble breathing with a mask on and for that reason, we haven't been to church for about 15 months. They recently eased the requirements on wearing masks and made it suggested instead of required, so we decided to finally go to church. We only saw about three people wearing masks although we still were only able to sit every other row and them maintain distance from anyone. At least it is a start toward normal.

Cindy and I have both been busy, her making quilts and yard work, me quilting and mowing the grass.

Penny still spends lots of time protecting us from the "evil" cats. She still likes to go with us whenever we go in the car.

Here are some pictures of one of the finished quilts.

It is a picnic quilt so that's why the denim back. Cindy does love her scraps.

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

I Finished a Special Quilt and Watch Dog Penny

 Riverton, Utah       High 79 Low 54

The last few days the weather here has been very delightful.

Cindy read on one of the quilting blogs about placing a quilt on a coffin instead of flowers. The idea is that someone can take the quilt with them when the service is over and it will last a lot longer than flowers. Cindy thinks flowers for a coffin are a big waste of money that she doesn't want the family to have to spend. She calls it a coffin quilt and decided to make one for her and I. Mine has been finished for a few years and she fell in love with the Hoffman Dream Big panel and decided to use it for hers. I finished quilting it and now both of us has a coffin quilt. Hopefully it will be many years before they get used.

Here are some pictures of her quilt.

We both think it turned out nice. It took a while to quilt and I am pleased with the final result.

For the last while, Penny spends every evening sitting on some of our dining room chairs keeping watch for the evil neighborhood cats. She thinks she has to protect us from them. A few times they have come onto our front porch and she goes berserk, barking and trying to get to them. I wouldn't be surprised if the cats come onto the porch just to bother her. They are bigger than she is and I'm sure if it came down to it, and she confronted them, she would get the worst of it. They even come into our back yard and she has to try to get rid of them. Every once in a while, she goes barking out the door into the back yard and spends a while trying to get rid of them. Personally, I don't mind having the cats around to keep any mice away. 

One night at about 3:00 AM, she started to bark and carry on and wanted to go out. She sleeps with us, and of course, woke us up.  I checked the camera the next day and sure enough, there were pictures of a cat on our lower patio. I don't know how she  could tell it was there unless she can smell them. The window was open that night.

She spends hours on watch dog duty every evening. Cindy put towels on the chairs because Penny spends so much time on them. Funny little dog. She weighs 6 1/2 pounds and the cats I have seen are at least 10 pounds.

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

We Have Still Been Busy

Riverton, Utah        High 57 Low 36

It has been a lot cooler for a few days than is usual. It went from record highs to abnormal lows. It is supposed to warm up by the end of the week.

About the middle of April, I went to see a dermatologist to see about some spots on my face and head. I ended up getting half a dozen spots frozen off which I was told were pre-melanoma, so it was good that I went. The dermatologist told me that I needed to start wearing a hat outside that would protect my ears and the top of my head.

Last January before we went to Yuma, I fell on the ice and landed on my shoulder. It didn't seem to get much better, so I finally went to see a doctor about it and ended up getting some cortisone shots, which seem to be a large improvement so far.

Cindy has been busy getting the yard ready to plant, but so far it has been a little cool to plant some of the plants. She has a lot of them in containers inside and will plant them as soon as it warms up.

She also has been busy making more quilts for me to quilt. She tells me that I need to stay busy. 

In between Doctors visits and quilting, I had to work on our fifth wheel. When we were coming back from Yuma with it last summer, the brakes quit working so we drove more than half way home without trailer brakes. I finally decided to fix them. It took almost a quart of brake fluid to finally get a leak from the cover on the bottom. I put disc brakes on it a few years ago and found that one of the brake lines had rusted enough to leak. This time I put all the lines inside the cover through a silicon hose and sealed the end with caulk where they came out of the cover, so they shouldn't rust again. Now we just need time to go somewhere with it.

I also had a roofer repair the shingles on our gazebo. I thought some had blown off, but 20 years of sun on the south side had taken it's toll and they some were just worn out. It only took one bundle of shingles to do the repair and it was good to get it fixed.   

I have been busy in between doing a lot of quilting. My customer had one of her friends bring a quilt to me and says she is really happy about how it turned out. It was the first quilt she had anyone quilt for her. 

Last Wednesday I went to a class on quilting a panel called Dream Big, which has 57 different patterns to quilt the panel, which doesn't count the ones for the rest of the quilt. I haven't finish the quilt, but Cindy is pleased with the way it is turning out so far. 

This is the one we did in class. Cindy's is a different color.

I have some pictures of some of the quilts I have finished and hope you don't get too tired of seeing them.

Cindy let me pick the patterns on this quilt and I think I found patterns that fit the blocks pretty well. 

The next one I used a new, to us, border pattern that I think turned out nice.

This is a baby quilt with a pattern called I Love Cats, which has cats and hearts.

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