Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Another Quilt Show and Shuffle Board Tournament

Yuma, Arizona              High 62 Low 41

It has been a lot cooler the last few days. Today we even had a little rain.

We went to a quilt show at another RV Park. There were quite a few quilts on display We did notice that there were several quilts with the same pattern. They were a group activity. Cindy took a lot of pictures of the quilts. Some of the ones she got were my favorites.

There were probably about 100 Quilts on display. The Park has about 1700 sites so they have a large quilting group.

 I liked the way someone had used a panel and made it look like you were looking out a window to make the one above.
This quilt is made the same way using a panel.

Somebody likes Harley-Davidsons.

The last few days we had a shuffle board tournament here in our Park. A lot of the players were from other Parks in the area. The first two games we used all the courts.

I ended up loosing my first game by 11 points. We were each up and down through the whole game, but my appointment ended up getting a few more than me.

The next round was consolation. I won the first game today by over 20 points. The little bit of rain caused a delay of about an hour in the game.

I ended up loosing by one point.

At about 1:30 this afternoon we played our second game. The lady I played was fairly evenly matched and we seemed to trade places in being ahead. I lost by one point. I am now out of the tournament but will still help with scoring and refereeing.

Win or loose it still  is fun to play. All the players seem to get along pretty well.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Car Show

Yuma, Arizona               High 62 Low 42

It's still a little chilly especially in the wind.

We had a car show here at the Palms. The weather was a lot nicer than last year. I remember it raining the day of the car show and as a result there weren't near as many cars.

I find it interesting that some of the cars I owned as a kid are now antiques and worth lots of money. If only I had known and had a place to store them for 40 or 50 years.

I liked this Corvette.

I remember my Dad buying a new 1952 Chev for $1200.00. What do they cost now?

What they call antiques were the latest and greatest when I was young. Just shows how old I am getting to be. 

I noticed an ad on TV about a new Cadillac that had what they called Super Cruise. The car will drive hands free on freeways. From the ad, it will tell you when you need to take over. The ad stressed that you still need to pay attention. What next? Perhaps a car that you enter your destination and sit back and relax? 

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Another Concert

Yuma, Arizona            High 63 Low 41

It has been windy today and a lot cooler. Two days ago there was frost on the grass when I took Penny to the grass first thing in the morning.

This morning I had (got) to play shuffle board. I still enjoy doing it.

We went to a concert that was a Blues Brothers tribute. The entertainers did a good job of keeping the crowd entertained. They had different members of the audience go up on stage with them doing various things. For instance they asked who had been married for the longest. The couple then went on stage and the man was taken to where he couldn't hear. Then three of the ladies from the audience were called to the stage. They set it up to tell the man he was going to kiss the three different ladies and he was to rate them from one to ten. He was brought back and blindfolded and his wife came back on stage and kissed him. He rated the first kiss a 2. She then kissed him again and he rated that kiss a five. The third kiss she finally got a ten out of him. He was then supposed to guess which was which before they revealed that he had actually kissed his wife three different times. I wonder how she felt about his rating.

This is a member of their band.

It was a lot of fun for the audience.

Penny an I have been going to the small dog park most days and there are usually about 20 dogs running around. It's fun watching them bark at the big dogs that walk by or any new dogs that they don't know. I have seen more than one person change their mind about bring their dog into the park, when if they would let them in, in about thirty seconds they would all be friends.

Maybe having 9 or 10 dogs barking at you is intimidating.

Penny is right in the middle of the barking dogs with her back to us.
 Penny thinks the grass is hers' and isn't shy about telling strange dogs about it.

We are still staying busy and mostly enjoying not being in the cold.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Trivia With A Twist and Penny Got a Hair Cut

Yuma, Arizona            High 75 Low 52

Tom, our activity go to man, put on another Trivia show for the Park. He puts on different things for the teams to do which include different trivia questions, but also has them act out different things. Then this time he had the three teams carry empty pop cans from one place to another on a spaghetti noodle but the two people had to hold the noodle in their mouth and not touch the can. With all the broken noodles, it made for a good time for the audience. The winners soon learned to keep the can near one of them and the noodle didn't break so fast.

Penny got a much needed hair cut. We waited because it has been so cool and we knew she would freeze in the mornings. And sure enough, she now shivers when ever she goes out in the morning. This time the groomer put two small bows on here head, and unlike when they have put in one large one that she couldn't get out soon enough, this time she has left the bows alone. We think she looks cute with the little bows.

We got some sunset pictures last night. Arizona seems to have some spectacular sunsets.

We are still enjoying our time here and are still staying almost too busy.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

The Gun Fight

Yuma, Arizona         High 74 Low 50

Yesterday we got invited to a gun fight. No, not a real gun fight. There are a group of people that perform at the Old Yuma Prison every Saturday and put on various skits about the old West.

One couple from our Park along with one of the security guards from here are part of the group. Every year they put on skits in our Park to help raise money for future trips they take as a group to put on their show in various parts of the surrounding area. They seemed to do pretty well at this one. 

Lilly has the big camera. She is one of our friends from the Park.

Mike, the owner of the lot, is the one on the far right with suspenders.

After the skits we all had a pot luck dinner. It was very good with lots of food for everyone.

A large group of spectators.

The first skit ended up with everyone dead with the exception of the lady owner of the bar. The second, through a misunderstand, ended with all the men dead while the ladies went shopping.

While a little silly, it was a fun afternoon which ended up with all the people getting well fed.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunrise and Concert

Yuma, Arizona           High 76 Low 54
Today is a little cooler with some wind. I'm afraid we have turned into Arizonans because we are both feeling the cold because of the wind.

Yesterday we had a really nice sunrise and Cindy got some pictures for a few seconds and then it was gone as the sun came up.

Last night we went to a concert here in our Park with Gene Watson, a country singer, here in person. It was a well attended concert and I was told it was the largest attended this season. There were lots of Country Music fans from our Park and from other places in Yuma.

I recognized a lot of his songs but there were several that I don't think I've heard before. We both enjoyed the concert. most of his band had been with him for many years with the exception of his piano player that he said was new with this performance. They all did a good job entertaining the crowd.

His final song was one that he told us hit number one in 1981 and it was one of the ones we recognized.

From Wikipedia I found out that he is 75 years old and he told us he had been performing for 54 years. He is from Texas but he told us that he got his real start in Canada.

We are both still staying busy and enjoying our time here in Yuma.

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