Sunday, November 29, 2015

Almost Ready

Riverton, Utah      High 27 Low 16

Cindy got her blood tests done and visited her Doctor. He told her that her blood work was the best it has been since he has been checking it. We attribute the good tests to how active we were just before coming home and all the walking at the Balloon Fiesta.

My Doctor's office called and told me that my Doctor felt that my cholesterol was high enough to need to do something about it and prescribed a generic Lipitor. From reading about it there are some side effects, of which I'm experiencing some. They are supposed to go away after taking it for a while. We shall see.

It snowed (the awful four letter word) yesterday and was so cold last night that frost was falling from the nearly clear sky. Why are we still here?

About the only thing we have left to do before we can head south is Cindy’s promise to Teesa about making Christmas cookies and coconut bread. We pick her up after work Tuesday and they are going to be baking Wednesday and possibly Thursday morning.

We have decided to leave Thursday right after lunch and drop Teesa off on our way south. We plan on driving to Mesquite, Nevada and stay there overnight. It will make for a much shorter drive Friday, and we will be able to make it to Yuma at a decent time instead of trying to drive the whole 700 miles in one day.

I can’t wait to get out of this cold!

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hope You Had as Nice a Day as We Did

Riverton, Utah          High 36 Low 21

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We had a lot of family over and had lot of good food.

Cindy's Mom and Sister, Linda came as well as a lot of the kids and grand Kids.

Taylor is quite the ham.
Cindy always likes to bring out the good china and utensils for Thanksgiving.

We had turkey with all the trimmings. Tammy made a sweet potato casserole with sweetened coconut that was delicious. It was all good.  
The only problem I had was that my eyes got bigger than my stomach. I ate way too much.

After dinner, Tammy and I went to Walmart for Black Friday. We both wanted some of the things they had on their ad. I got a new 40" TV, and Tammy got some things for her kids for Christmas.

Again wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting Things Done


Riverton, Utah             High 46 Low 25

We have both been busy since we got home. Friday I went to see my Doctor and got what Medicare calls a wellness check. This is the first time I’ve been totally on Medicare. For me it was a different experience. I thought a lot of the questions were kind of strange, but when I finally got to see the Doctor, he told me that I’m probably in better shape than I have been in for the last few years. My blood pressure was normal instead of the high normal it has been in.

While we were in Arizona, we both ate better than we usually do with the fresh vegetables we were able to find at the stores. Both of us lost weight this time out, and walked way more than usual. A lot of the walking is Penny’s fault, even though a lot of her walks turn into carries.

Cindy was able to get her blood work done Friday and was able to see the vampires before her Doctor’s appointment next Wednesday.  

We are both looking forward to getting Thanksgiving behind us and the rest of the things finished up so we can head back to Arizona and get out of all this cold. I haven’t felt warm since we left Arizona. I had to laugh at one of the Phoenix TV weather forecasters when they talked of the bone-chilling cold in Phoenix. It got clear down to the mid-40s with a high of mid 60s which was 20 degrees cooler than normal. I wonder what they would think of a high of 45 and lows into the teens. The trouble is I got used to being warmer than here.

Right now we are looking to leave on Friday the 4th of December to head back South. Our grand-daughter is coming to our home on Tuesday night to cook Christmas cookies and coconut bread with Cindy. She is staying till we take her home Friday on our way to Arizona.

I still have to get the truck inspected and emission test taken care of, so I can license the truck and trailer. 

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Almost Home

Hurricane, Utah         High 57 Low 34

It is quite a bit colder than we are used to. The day was sunny and no wind.

Just a short post to let everyone know where we are.

We stayed in Fort Mohave two extra days because of the wind. Sometimes the wind was rocking the trailer. I’m sure glad we weren’t driving through it and weren’t in any big hurry to get home. When I went to the office to extend, the office man told me that the wind would be that much worse going across the flats toward Las Vegas, especially through Searchlight.

We decided to stop here even though it was fairly early in the afternoon (1:30) and it is warmer here than anywhere else we could have stopped. We probably could have made it home but it would have been 11 hours or more of driving. Again, I’m not in that much of a hurry to get home. Tomorrow will be good enough.

We are at Walmart with several other RVs. I did ask at the Customer Service desk and they told me we could stay for up to 24 hours and longer if we moved to another spot. It is a lot different here than Saint George where there is no overnight parking allowed. I guess the RV Parks have things sewed up there and we are only 15 miles north of Saint George.

As it is, I will have to winterize the fiver as soon as we get there because freezing temperatures are predicted in Salt Lake City tomorrow night.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Headed Home

Fort Mohave, Arizona          High 75 Low 50

We are headed home to Riverton. We were planning on staying here until Monday, but high winds are predicted on Monday, so we extended for one more day. The prediction is calling for 40 to 50 mile an hour winds with gusts to 65. I don’t like to drive in the wind and we are not in that big of hurry to get back to Utah. Snow is also predicted for Monday and Tuesday through parts of Utah.

I can’t help but wonder what is wrong with this picture, here we are headed to Salt Lake Valley and most people are headed to Arizona. But we have to license the truck and fiver, and we both have Doctor Appointments to take care of. We expect to be back in Arizona before the end of the year. (The sooner the better.)
The weather here in Fort Mohave has been excellent, not too hot during the day and cool enough to be able to sleep.

We are staying at the Riverside Adventure RV Park with Coast to Coast. It is quite a ways from the Colorado River, perhaps 4 or 5 miles, so I’m not sure why the name. It is an older park with lots of what look like permanent residents. It is an OK Park with some things going on and the office staff is excellent. When we asked about staying the extra day, usually I have some grief getting the extra day with Coast to Coast, but the office manager was able to add the day with no problem.

I’m not sure whether I have mentioned it before, but our home Park in Utah recently went through bankruptcy, and the new Company is no longer honoring the dues paid up feature of the old Company, even though we paid a lot to have them paid. I think the dues for the new Company are way too high, so we decided not to renew with them. I’m not sure what, if anything, we are going to do about it. We may be looking for a new home Park.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We Went Back

Yuma, Arizona           High 73 Low 48

We left Apache Junction early (for us) this morning. We had a fairly easy, although windy drive to Yuma. We had a 2:00 appointment and after we got set up, we were right on time.

We are staying for a few days at Yuma Lakes RV Park. It is with Coast to Coast and for us it is free.

The Park that Jim and Sandie are staying at has a lot of friendly people and seems to be a nice enough Park with the exception of one person. We Left one day early to take care of our business in Yuma, and I was told there weren't any refunds for the day we left early, but the Park manager,Carol, came knocking on our door and told us that they had someone that wanted to come into the Park on Tuesday and they were going to stay for a few days, so she refunded us for the day. I wasn't really expecting it, but it was nice of her to do the refund.

I am going to have to talk about why we came back to Yuma on a future post, but is follows along the lines of our "free" hot dog.

We will be here for three days and then are headed home to license the truck and trailer and for Doctors appointments.

Short Post tonight.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

We Moved

Apache Junction, Arizona         High 73 Low 48

We moved from Yuma to Apache Junction yesterday. Before we left, Cindy got some pictures of the Palms RV Resort. We still think it is a nice place.

This is one of the RV sites that is for sale. In this Resort the houses and RV sites are deeded.
Cindy also got some pictures of an Arizona sunset.

We are staying at the Santa Fe RV Park in Apache Junction. It is the same Park that Jim and Sandie are staying in. We got together with them and Rod last night and went to a Chinese Restaurant. It is near the Park, but I can’t tell you exactly where. The food was good and seemed to be reasonably priced.

My first try at the selfie stick.
Today we did a little grocery shopping and then drove to Phoenix to see Scot and Daniel. They are going on some kind of Photography Sightseeing tour and leave early tomorrow, so if we were going to see them, it had to be tonight.

Of course Penny had to go with us. She had fun playing with their dogs, although they are a lot bigger than her.
Tomorrow we plan on driving to Mesa to buy some thread at one of the stores that has my Quilting thread for a much better price than I can get it for at home. We will probably also stop at the bead store in Tempe.

We don’t have too much else to report, so thanks for visiting. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Lots of Activities

Yuma, Arizona                       High 91 Low 63

Today was another warm (for us) day.

Cindy went to the walking exercise and walked 3 miles. She is excited about all the things they have going on in this Park.

Then she had never tried Yoga before, so she went to the Yoga thing. She told me she wasn’t as limber as some of the women there, but she still wants to go back tomorrow.

While she did all this, I drove to the RV Parts store to see about some parts, but will probably wait until we get to Apache Junction later in the week.

After I got back, it was time for both of us to go to the Ballroom Dancing class. The lady running it said it wasn’t really supposed to be a class, but since there weren’t many people there, she would help us learn to Waltz, or at least get a general idea about it, so we spent the next 45 minutes trying to waltz. It really isn’t hard, but we are not too coordinated, so we had some missed steps.

This afternoon we drove to an RV furniture store. We are looking to replace our hide a bed, hopefully with recliners. The hide a bed has to be one of the, if not the, most uncomfortable thing to sit in. The problem we have is that the slide it sits on is up 6 inches which I’m afraid would make recliners up too high, which might be a problem. Anyway the store didn’t have quite what we think we want, so we will have to keep looking. We have thought about having one of the Montana dealers call Keystone and see if there is anything they have to replace the couch.

Cindy likes this park because they seem to have so many things to keep us busy and she thinks we could be fitter than we are at home. She also likes the fact that people in RV Parks seem to talk to us more than when we are home with everyone busy doing their own thing. We have been told that there is a lot more going on once more people get to the Park. There are still a lot of vacant sites and homes.

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