Monday, May 20, 2019

Is It March or May?

Riverton, Utah         High 58 Low 40

We got Cindy's garden ready for planting and got the areas we didn't want to plant covered with a good weed barrier. It lets water through but won't let sunshine through, which supposedly the weeds need to grow.

The only problem is that the weather has been more like March than May. We don't have any frost forecast, but parts of southern Utah have had snow (Cedar City). The weather forecasters have said that the temperatures are 10 degrees lower than normal for this time of year with rain forecast every day for the for the next 14 days with only three days of no rain and partly cloudy.

We are beginning to wish we had been able to stay in Yuma longer, but at least we are not in Oklahoma with all the tornadoes.

We want to take the fifth wheel out but are going to wait until the weather improves.

Meanwhile we have both been busy, me quilting Cindy's quilts and Cindy making more to make sure I don't ever get caught up. Also she has been busy with her new embroidery machine.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sorry Nancy, We Didn't Know!

Riverton, Utah       High 80 Low 57

Today we had a few things to do in South Salt Lake. By the time we got through, it was time for lunch.

We decided to go to Taco Time and eat in the car because we had Penny with us. When we got through eating, we pulled through the parking lot of the shopping mall we were by and we passed one of the quilt stores we hadn't had time to take Nancy to yesterday. We had no intention of stopping but signs all over the place said owner retiring, everything on sale.

With that kind of invitation we had no will power but to check it out. All the fabric was on sale for at least 30% off  with some of it 50 and 60% off. Cindy had already started a quilt with some of the greys and black Nancy gave her and we found a grey fabric that will make a good back for the quilt. It was 60% off and the original price was $10.99 a yard which made it $4.40 a yard.

This was a great price for name brand material (Timeless Treasures). She also bought some other colors for the same price. Yes I know, no will power, but for the price who could resist. The stores are called The Cotton Shop and are located in Murray, Sandy, and Provo. All are closing and Cindy also got some embroidery thread, Robbins Anton, for half off. All the other brands are half off.

I don't know if Nancy plans on going back to Salt Lake but it might be worth it. Again sorry we didn't know about the sale yesterday.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Our Own Quilt Show?

Riverton, Utah          High 81 Low 54

The weather forecasters say it is about 10 degrees cooler than usual. It is supposed to cool off some more later this week.

I did get a picture of the raspberries.

We have been talking to Nancy Kissack for a little while about seeing her while she is in Utah. Since her time in Heber City and the ride on the Heber Creeper got derailed, she decided to come and visit us today. Nancy had a lot of pieces of fabric for Cindy for which she is grateful. She already is picking out pieces to use in one of her quilts.

We decided to take her to several of our favorite quilt stores and to do lunch with her.

We started out in Riverton at My Sister's Quilts And then moved on to Quilters Retreat in Draper.
We got several pictures of quilts and I found out that Cindy and I are not the only ones addicted to fabric. We did buy some but Nancy found and bought some kits she really liked.

Since we were close to one of our favorite restaurants, The Philadelphian, we stopped and had sandwiches and onion rings. The Philadelphia sandwich is always way more than we can eat.

Next we went to Quilts Etc in Sandy. Another kit left with us and then we went to Mormon Handicraft in Midvale that always has sale fabric. This time they had a lot of baby fabric for 75% off and some more fabric came home with us.Cindy also found a kit for 50% off so it left with us.

Hey, somebody has to keep the stores in business, so why not us?Yes, Sandie, we do seem to have enough fabric, but it really doesn't wear out until you make a quilt out of it.

After that we had to come home so Nancy could get back to her fur babies before rush hour. We had a good visit with her and hope to see her in Yuma this winter.

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Raspberries Got Planted

Riverton, Utah            High 69 Low 46

It has been a little chilly but the forecast is for somewhat warmer weather. Usually it has been safe to plant anything we want after Mother's Day.

Yesterday we bought some raspberry plants and a few tomato plants. Today we got the raspberries planted.

This afternoon I started putting down the weed barrier so we won't have to do so much weeding. The kind it got this time is plastic mesh with felt that lets water through but keeps the sun out so the weed can't grow.

The last time we put down plastic membrane which deteriorated in the sun and wouldn't let water through. The plastic membrane was a real mess to clean up. The kind we got this time is supposed to last at least 5 years.

We had planned on leaving with the fifth wheel after the garden was finished but have decided to wait until after Memorial Day because of the problems getting into Parks.

I had one of my hearing aids quit and sent it back to the people I got it from. They sent it back saying it worked but it still doesn't so I have an appointment Monday to see how my hearing is and see what they can do with the defective hearing aid. It's been kind of a pain to only have one ear to hear out of.

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Salt Lake Quilt Show

Riverton, Utah       High 71 Low 48

It has been a lot nicer here and stills cools off at night for good sleeping.

We went to the big Salt Lake Quilt Show which actually is held in Sandy. There were a lot of people there as well as lots of vendors selling things.

We did buy some more quilt patterns that were on sale for the show. We got them from Ann Bright who is one of our favorite designers.

There were so many quilts that it was had to pick out a favorite. I have included some of our favorites.

There were about 6 quilts with different scenes from Oregon.

Lots of little pieces in this quilt.

These little squares measured 1 inch finished. It took a lot of work.

There were many groups of the same quilt by various quilters.

One group started with a photo of different scenes in southern Utah, which they turned into a quilt. I imagine it took a lot of work to accomplish.

This show is one of the larger, if not the largest show we go to. We always enjoy it. This time we planned on spending 2 or 3 hours and ended up being there for about 4 1/2 hours.

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