Saturday, February 11, 2017

Where Are Your RVing Parents?

Yuma, Arizona      High 72 Low 58

The weather yesterday was a bit warm. Today it was ideal. Another hard day in paradise.

My mother in law has mostly been working on puzzles since she has been here. Below is an example of one she finished. She has been going for rides on her scooter but she feels cold fairly quick so the puzzles are her entertainment.
Cindy's Mom

Cindy's Mom and sister, Linda.
Cindy had one of the ladies in the sewing group show her Swedish weaving. She has been trying it out and seems to like doing it. Just what she needs, one more hobby.
We have been enjoying the Park and all the activities. We both are way more active than if we were home in Utah.

Yesterday was the full moon. We found out from one of the campers in our Park about what they call Howling at the Moon. Whenever weather permits and the full moon rises in the evening, a large group of people in Yuma get together east of the Foot Hills and have a big party. There is entertainment and dancing. The singers were very good.

The party started out small when they  first started doing it, and it has gotten bigger for the last few years. The man that told us about it said that at first only 30 or 40 people came out and when he last went there were about 1500. They announced last night that this time was the most people they have had and they estimated about 3000 people were there.

It was about 1/4 mile from where we parked to the party.

There was a little boy dressed in a ware-wolf costume.

The main singer.
There are also some food wagons selling Pizza at one and sandwiches and hot dogs and drinks at the other.

There was a very long Conga line that had so many people in it that they could hardly move along. They also had a lot of people do the Hocky Pocky. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Some of the other singers.

The only minor problem was it was too cloudy to see the moon rise. But that still didn't stop anyone from howling at the moon. At the time the moon was coming over the mountain, people howled at where the moon was supposed to be. Then everyone went home. We were home by 7:00. The party starts at about 3:00 in the afternoon.

So to answer the question of where are your parents........They are in Yuma, Arizona howling at the moon and having a good time.  

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Yuma, Arizona        High 82 Low 60

It was a really nice day today. Yesterday we had wind but today was still. Cindy swept up all the leafs yesterday morning just before the wind started and an hour later we couldn't tell she had even been there so today she got to do it all over again. I was planning on cleaning up the leafs when I got through with shuffle board but she beat me to it.

Our company made it here on Sunday. My sister in law got the lift put on her motor home so my mother in law could get into it easier. It was installed in Tempe and the spent about a week with Cindy’s son Scot in Phoenix. They plan on staying here about a week then go back to Utah for Doctors appointments.

Cindy’s Mom spends a lot of time working on jig saw puzzles. Linda says it helps keep her mind active. She doesn’t get around too well without her little scooter. Linda has been checking out possible places to go this spring and summer. We have agreed to go with them in our fifth wheel. There are a few places we would like to see, but nothing has been set in stone yet. A lot depends on their mother and her health.

Yesterday we all went to Lin’s Buffet where we met Jim and Sandi one more time while they are in the area. We all ate too much and visited for a while. It is a good Buffet and I guess if you leave hungry it’s your own fault. It is mainly an oriental buffet, but they have a large variety of different food items. We all had lots of shrimp to eat. They even have pizza, but none of us tried it.

Other than that we are still doing the same things most days. Life is good. 

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Good Friends

Yuma, Arizona        High 78 Low 54

The wind finally quit for a while. It also finally got warmer. It sure feels good.

We had invited Jim and Sandi Dixon to stay in our driveway here in Yuma while they were here. I got a call from Sandi a few days ago and she said she would have to decline our offer. It seems that the new dog they got wants to bark way too much and she was afraid our neighbors would complain. So they went out to the BLM parking by Pilot Knob. They have dental work to take care of in Algodones.

So we decided to go to dinner with them. Sandi let me pick and I had heard good things about Chicken On The Run, so we went there. The restaurant has always looked busy in spite of looking like a Mom and Pop place. When we got there, the parking lot was almost full and we were told we had about a 10 minute wait for a table. The ten minute wait turned into maybe 3 minutes. So we were seated almost immediately. Sandi and  I had fried chicken, Cindy had a pork chop, and Jim had cat fish. Everyone said the food was very good and the prices were very reasonable.

We hope to see them again while they are in the area.

Cindy and I have been staying busy here in this Park. Cindy's quilt group has got a lot bigger and I have been going with her to take her machine in and to help her cut material.

One day when I took Penny to the small dog park, there were 22 dogs, which is a lot more than usual.

The Park is a lot fuller than it has been. I've been told a lot of people came from Quartzsite.

We are going to have visitors, but I will wait until they get her to say any more about it.

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