Thursday, April 27, 2023

Staying Busy

 Riverton, Utah          High 68 Low 41

The weather is finally going to be warmer. The main draw-back to that is that with all the snow in the mountains, there is sure to be more flooding. There all ready has been some with the warm few days earlier this month. Two newer houses in Draper already got swept away. It has been on National News.

This morning Penny had to go in for her annual check up and her shots. She sure didn't want to be at the vet office.

Cindy and I were at a store a few days ago. I had Penny in her pouch and a little girl came up and asked if she could pet Penny. Of course I said yes. When she got through, she handed Cindy and I two home made cards. 

We thought it was kind of cute.

I have been busy quilting. These are the latest ones:

They are both for graduation presents for two of our grand-sons that graduate from high school next month. She picked these, because they both don't like anything girly. Cindy sure likes to make quilts with lot of pieces.

Nancy showed a box she puts her fifth wheel power cable in. I wanted to show what we use for our cable and hoses.

I think the round laundry baskets make it way easier to put our cable away than a square box and I don't have to fight square corners.

Cindy has been busy with her garden, and the onions she planted a few day ago are already showing some sprouts.

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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Still More Work

 Riverton, Utah      High 45 Low 31

It has been cold enough, that I'm wishing we had stayed in Yuma longer. This is what we got to see our 2nd day here.

Cindy has been busy working on her garden and asked me to open her potting room. When I opened the door the room was a disaster. I guess all the snow that fell this last winter, must have frozen the drains from our patio, which is above the room, causing water to come down on the ceiling.

I tried to turn it into our insurance company, and they sent a company out to see where the water came from. They reported, incorrectly, that the water came from raising ground water. instead of the melting snow. At that, they declined my claim. I plan on calling the adjuster's supervisor and complain about his decision. Always lots of fun, which just proves that insurance companies are not your friends. They want your money, but really don't want to pay anything out.

In the meanwhile, I have quilted three quilts. but forgot to get pictures on one of them.

The lady I did this one for is giving it to her daughter and she said she really likes tulips.

Here's hoping things get better after the next storm that is coming in tomorrow (with more snow).

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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Lots of Work

 Riverton, Utah       High 79 Low 54

 The weather today has been perfect. Sunday it got to 93 in Yuma and I had to wait until about 6:30 to load the car, so all our food we were bring back didn't get too hot. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice temperatures with wind and the weather guessers are predicting more snow on Thursday.

When we left Monday morning it was at about 5:30, and we were expecting about 12 hours with stops to get home in Utah. The first delay was in Las Vegas, where the freeway was backed up for almost 8 miles before getting on I 15, so I got off 515 and went to the Boulder Highway to avoid the backed-up traffic. Of course this took more time. 

The next delay was just after getting into Arizona, about 10 miles before the Virgin Narrows on I 15. There was road construction that had the freeway down to one lane each. So we went for almost 5 miles at 5 MPH before we could get any speed again. Unfortunately, there was no way to go around it and there was lots of traffic. As a result our trip took about 13 1/2 hours.

We always turn our water off when we leave for the winter, and when I turned it back on, I found several leaks. So today I was busy all day playing plumber. The kitchen sink had an O-ring leaking that got everything under the sink wet before I noticed it. Our bathroom toilet valve wouldn't shut all the way off. One of the downstairs toilets had a supply line leaking from dried out gaskets and the line had to be replaced. Lots of fun. 

In between we had to pick up leaves then hadn't got raked up, so Cindy and I were busy all day. 

Sorry no pictures today.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Unwanted Excitement

 Yuma, Arizona           High 73 Low 42

Today was a beautiful day with no wind.

I was taking Penny for her evening walk, when our neighbor told us there was a fire by the pickle-ball courts. We had heard sirens and a loud boom, but didn't know what it was. I could see a large amount of smoke and Cindy and I started to walk to see what had happened, but the wind was blowing so had that the sand made it uncomfortable to walk. There were gusts to 50 mph. We took the car and got as close as we could. There were at least 4 large fire trucks and we weren't able to get very close.

The next morning we walked to see what had happened, and one of our friends had their class c and fifth wheel burned up. Luckily they were able to get out with just what they had on, which wasn't much, as they were in bed. They were able to get their car away from the wind driven flames and later found, what they called, a to go bag with most of their important papers. 

The fire started in the class c and the wind pushed it to their fifth wheel. The explosion was their lithium batteries exploding that were part of the solar on the class c. 

I managed to talk to the fireman investigating the fire and he thought it was some kind of electrical fire.

The couple are full timers and lost every thing the own with the exception of their car.

I sure hope they had good insurance.

The people in this Park have been very good to them with donations of clothing and a place to stay. Karen, that's her name, told me the only thing she had left was her nightie that she was wearing. They even lost their wallets, money, and her purse. 

I think it would be very hard to start over with no possessions. 

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