Friday, October 31, 2014

Moving North

Lake City, Florida High 73 Low 46

It was cooler today and is predicted to be almost cold tonight. I checked and it is colder here than in Salt Lake City.

We had an easy drive today to this Park, October Bend RV Park. There are only 14 total sites here and it is only a place to stay for the night. We paid $16.85 for the night. There are no amenities. We do have 50 amp power, but we can’t drink the water without boiling. Since we are only here tonight, I didn't hook up the water or sewer.

The major drawback to this Park is that it is right by the Interstate and we can hear all the traffic. When I called about it, the lady that answered said to take site 1 through 4, whichever one I wanted. There is a box to put the money in. We have only seen one other couple.

Tomorrow we go further toward Alabama west of where we are tonight. It is supposed to be a much larger Park with a lot more amenities. We will stay there 2 nights. It is also in Florida.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Relaxing Day

Lutz, Florida High 84 Low 48

Today was quite warm but it is supposed to be cool tonight.

Today we didn’t do too much. There are some quilt stores in the area and we decided to go see some of them.

The first store had a very fancy quilt on the wall. Cindy asked about it and found out that it is illegal to have a raffle in Florida. This quilt was called a chance quilt. It seems you pay a certain amount for a chance to win the quilt. Can anyone explain to me the difference between a raffle and buying a chance to win?  It must be a way around the law.

Cindy’s friend came over this afternoon and Cindy invited her to dinner tonight. We had stopped at a fruit stand this afternoon and Cindy got a picture of some small bananas. They were the same kind that Cindy and Vicki used to go out to a grove of banana trees and cut down a tree and then take the small bananas home to ripen. Cindy says they are the sweetest bananas she has ever eaten. Maybe part of it was the fact that they were stolen fruit. lol
They spent some more time reminiscing about their high school days in Hawaii. Vicki will be going to Utah in December and Cindy hopes to see her again then.

Tomorrow we leave here for further north on our way toward Texas. We are staying at a small RV Park about 3 hours from here. We will only be there one night.
Cindy got this picture of Penny with her head on my shoulder.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cindy Met Up With Her High School Friend

Lutz, Florida High 84 Low 63

Today we drove from Kissimmee to Lutz, a town by Tampa. We are here with Coast to Coast. It cost us $18.00 per day. It seems like a nice Resort Called Winter Quarters Pasco. It is a Thousand Trails Resort.

The lady in the office saw Penny and asked if we would like a toy for her. Of course we said yes. She also gave Penny a treat, which she soon ate.

After we got settled in, we drove to Tampa to see Cindy’s high school friend, Vicki. We spent a couple of hours visiting with her, with the two of them catching up on their pasts.
By then we were pretty hungry, so we went to a close by restraint for lunch/early dinner.

Tomorrow we probably will just relax, but we are not sure.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sea World

Kissimmee, Florida High 84 Low 64

We went to Sea World today. We left Penny with Spencer, the son of one of the office people here at Sherwood Forest RV Resort. We were well pleased with how well he took care of Penny while we were gone.
We stopped by the sting ray pool and we were able to pet the sting rays, but it is not the same as being in the Ocean with wild sting rays like we were able to do in the Caribbean at Grand Cayman Island.

This is one ride neither of us would go on.

Cindy thought I took too long looking at the map and when I got through, I still had no idea where we were.
After that we saw the whale show at Shamu Stadium. It was kind of fun to watch and Cindy got some good pictures of the whales. They seemed to have the whales very well trained to get them to perform like they do. Before the show started, a warning flashed on the screen that said the front people would get wet. They really meant it. About the first 10 rows got splashed by the whales.

The Grand Finale (Splash).

These performers were entertaining the guests.
We went to a 3D movie about the life of a Sea Turtle and got to see some turtles and manatees.

We wanted to watch the Dolphin Show and walked by an Alligator enclosure that had a lot of young 
The Dolphin show was a good show and Cindy got several pictures of the Dolphins jumping out of the water. One of the looks like 6 Dolphins out of the water, but I think there were 7.

One enclosure had a lot of Flamingos with one young chick that wanted to be fed by its mother.

When we went to the parking lot we kept hearing horns honking and found out it was people using their remote controls to find their cars. We had to laugh a little.

Tomorrow we leave for near Tampa so Cindy can meet up with her old High School friend Vicki.

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Monday, October 27, 2014


Kissimmee, Florida High 84 Low 63

It was a lot warmer today and is predicted to be warmer tonight.

We went to Disney’s Epcot Center today and spent a lot of the day there. We started out going to The World Showcase. There were several demonstrations and movies about the different countries we were seeing. There was even an ax throwing contest in the Canadian portion of the Showcase.

We went on several rides and looked at a lot of the exhibits. Penny seemed to have gotten along with the little boy that came in to see her today.

Cindy took a lot of pictures and I am going to put some of the highlights of the day on this post

We saw lots of Disney characters.

This was at the Canadian exhibit.

 These are Great Britain.

 This sea horse was at the Finding Nemo Ride.

 These pictures of Morocco reminded us of our visit to Morocco.

 The Pagoda, the Coy, and the drummers are at the Japanese Portion.

 We were entertained by this jazz group before the movie about US history.

This is from the Italian Showcase.


 These are in the Chinese portion. We also got to see some Chinese acrobats.

 This is from the Norwegian Showcase.


There is a wine and food festival going on in the World Showcase which accounted for a lot more people than we expected. 

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