Friday, October 17, 2014

Made it to Savannah

Hardeeville, South Carolina High Low 55

We are staying at Hardeeville RV Park. It is about 15 minutes from Savannah. We are here with Passport America. It is a pretty plain Park without many extras. Still it is a lot less to stay here than any other I could find in the area.

We saw lots of ocean views on the way here and went over several very high bridges. We followed the coast most of the way. It was a nice drive, although a lot longer than I normally like.

This afternoon we went to see my son and his family. They live on Tybee Island, a little way from Savannah, closer to the Ocean.  My younger grand-son sure likes Penny. He play with her for a while running up and down the street. When he asked his mother if they could get a dog like her, she told him they have 2 cats and so, no.

Tomorrow we are going to see some of the sights of Savannah and then go out to dinner with them.

Thanks for visiting.

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