Saturday, October 4, 2014

Quilt Show and Street Fair

Gordonsville, Virginia High 63 Low 39

It was a nice day today although a lot cooler than it has been. Tonight is supposed to be really cold.

Today we went to the town of Orange to a Quilt show. It was a medium sized show and they had lot of quilting books and magazines for sale for a good price. There were several sets of class quilts done in several colors. It made a lot of difference how they looked with the different colors. We talked to the teacher and found out her husband is the local quilter and he has the same machine I do. She told us he is so busy that they have ordered a second machine.

This quilt had some fancy quilting.

After the show we went to the Harley Davidson dealer because the fabric store in Charlottesville told us that they had several quilts made from various tee shirts. They were interesting for us to see.

On the way to Orange the traffic was terrible because they had closed Main Street through Gordonsville for the Street fair. On the way back we stopped at the street fair.

The first place we stopped was the city library, which was having a book sale. They had lots of DVDs for sale and we bought a few and one book. We talked to the ladies at the book sale about the street fair and thy told us it started by them and went all the way down Main Street, 4 or 5 blocks. That’s life in the big city.

There was entertainment at the school on Main Street.
There were lots of vendors but we didn't buy anything. When we got back to the Library, they told us they had reduced the price of DVDs. It was now all you could put in a sack for $5.00. They told us it was because they wanted to get rid of them. We found a lot that we weren't will to pay a dollar for, but when we could fill the sack, suddenly they got attractive. We ended up getting 34 moves for our $5.00. This figured to be under 15 cents each. We will have lots of movie time.

When we got back to the RV Park, we had heard they had a tree house that they rented out, and we wanted to see it. We found it and it was empty so we looked around. As we were leaving some people that had rented it met us leaving and invited us to look inside. It is a pretty fancy tree house. It has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, and living room. The bathroom even had a tub with claw-feet.  The deck has a fireplace and a barbecue. There is also a sink on the deck.

I don’t know how much it rents for.

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