Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Relaxing Day

Virginia Beach, Virginia High 83 Low 59

It was very warm today and uncomfortably warm last night.

We took Penny over to the dog run in the Park this morning to let her play off the leash for a little while. We also got some more pictures of the RV Park. There were a couple of boats on one of the canals. This Park is well maintained with all the grass trimmed and some of the views are nice.

We took Penny to the beach to let her play in the sand. She got pretty intent digging holes in the sand. She got a little too close to the water once and got her feet wet.

This afternoon we went to the Virginia Beach Farmers Market, but not too many of the shops were open and noon of the farmers were there. We did manage to find some apples for a good price.

Tomorrow we leave here for the Outer Banks where we will be for four days.

Thanks for Visiting.

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