Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Times Have Changed

Virginia Beach, Virginia High 77 Low 66

It was a lot warmer today.

We decided to drive to Fort Story to see the old lighthouses at Cape Henry. The old lighthouse was built in 1792 and people are allowed to climb it. We declined to do the climb but it was still interesting. The newer lighthouse is still in use, so no one is allowed to climb it.
This is the newer one.

This might sound like I’m complaining, but I’m really not. When we got to the gate to go onto the Fort to see the lighthouse and the site of the first landing, we were asked for our registration and proof of insurance. Then they wanted picture ID. We were asked to open any compartments, glove box, center console, and ashtrays. I was then asked to pop the hood, open all the doors, lay the keys on the dash, open the hood, and tailgate and step away from the truck. They then went over the truck with a sniffer, looked under the hood and in the back of the truck. I had previously been asked if we had any knives or guns or Prescription meds and a lot of other things I couldn't understand because he was talking so fast. I know they are just doing their job, but it hasn't been too long since we drove into Quantico Marine Base with just a quick look at our driver’s licenses. We were then told to stay on the main road to the parking area of the lighthouses and a little further on the First Landing Monument. We were told to only take pictures of the lighthouses and the monuments and things around the First Landing. Any picture of anything on the base or personnel was strictly prohibited. It is sad that things have gotten so violent in this world, that these kinds of inspections are necessary.

The First Landing site was marked originally with a wooden cross, which was replaced with the present monument. There is a statue of the French Commander that stopped British reinforcements that helped Washington to defeat Cornwallis.

Some of the plants and wild grapes we saw at the observation platform at the First Landing site.

We also got to see a lot of dolphins playing in the Ocean, but I was only able to get a picture of one of them. There looked like at least 2 dozen of them. You can see the fin in the upper right of the photo.
We next took Penny to the beach to let her play a little bit. She got her feet wet when a wave came in. She was chasing a sand crab, which was about the size of a dime, when all at once we heard a little crunch and the crab was gone. She ate it. She seemed to enjoy walking on the sand investigating all the new sights and smells.


Some of the homes visible from the beach.
Cindy got some pictures last night of the almost full moon from the back of our trailer.

Tonight we went to a little Restaurant for dinner.

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