Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beach and Early Halloween

Myrtle Beach High 73 Low 54

Today was a nice sunny day and we decided to drive to the beach. There were lots of people out swimming and relaxing on the beach. The beach here is several miles long. When I took Penny to the beach yesterday, there were very few people, probably because it was rainy and cold yesterday morning.

 I think I can see three people being pulled by a boat on the Ocean.
We drove past lots of hotels, motels, and condos. Part of the way there is a part of the drive known as the boardwalk. There is a giant Ferris wheel and an amusement park, which looked closed for the season. It may have been closed because it was a week day. Myrtle Beach seems to be a large tourist area.

Penny went with us and really likes to visit everyone she meets. She had a good time on the beach again.

This afternoon we went for a walk through the RV Park. There is a small lake with a walkway around it, and there were lots of young people getting ready for a Halloween thing tomorrow. There was a zombie wedding they were practicing. There was going to be a zombie circus. They were setting up a haunted trail. There also was a grave yard being set up. Everywhere we looked around the lake someone was setting up something for tomorrow night. Halloween is a big thing in this Park.

We had a few clouds as the sun was going down, but the sunset was nowhere as pretty as the one we had in Arizona.

You can see the Spanish Moss hanging from the tree.
Tomorrow we head further south to an RV Park by Savannah.

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  1. Savannah. It's on our bucket list and every time we get close, the humidity takes its toll and we decide to do it another time.