Tuesday, January 25, 2022

This And That

Riverton, Utah     High 40 Low 22

Cindy's procedures went very well and only took about an hour. We were home by noon, after a time of recovery. Her appointment was at 8:15 in the morning, so she didn't get much sleep the night before. 

When we got home she slept most of the day. She was okay the next day. 

Yesterday she had a virtual appointment with her doctor. They change some of her meds, cutting down on some and trying different kinds on others.

Penny has been getting really shaggy, so she got a hair cut. She is a lot cuter now, but she has been freezing since the hair cut.

When she goes out, she sure doesn't spend much time before she is ready to come back inside.

I had some quilts to do while we are here, and I got them finished. I even had time to do one of Cindy's quilts. It is a baby quilt with lots of pieces.


 We have been looking at a new double oven to replace the one we have now that is 20 years old and doesn't work properly. There are no longer parts available, so we would like to get one with French doors which would be easier on Cindy's back. We are being told about 3 to 6 months delivery which seems a bit long but we probably go ahead.

I am ready to go back to Yuma to get out of all this cold.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

That Was Not Fun

 Riverton,Utah.     High 37 Low 25

I have turned into an Arizonan. We have been here for a week and I have been chilly the whole time. 

The reason for our trip to Utah was for a follow up on Cindy’s throat problems. Also we scheduled another procedure which she doesn’t want me to talk about, but it involves during a lot of GatorAid in a short time. 

Last night she was doing okay until about 9:00 when she just about passed out. She had me call 911 and they must have had a slow night because I’m sure the whole fire department showed up. They checked her out and in the process one of the things they asked her to see how she was functioning was who is the President of the United States. She told me that the only thing she could remember for a few seconds was Go Brandon, but she remembered in time to tell him correctly. 

Later she told the para-medic and he laughed and said they all would have enjoyed that answer. By the way, there were at least 8 firemen and para-medics there. 

They decided Cindy should go to the Emergency Room by ambulance, but by the time she got there, she was feeling much better. They still decided she should be checked out. 

The doctor finally told us she had had so much irritation from the prep that she probably got low blood pressure and her veins had enlarged. He thought she would be okay and to continue with the prep and to go in for her procedure. 

We got back home at about midnight and everything seemed to be okay, so now we are back in the hospital for both of her procedures. 

It was a lot scary for a while. 

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Some Catch Up

 Yuma, Arizona          High 73 Low 45

We didn't do much to celebrate New Years. I guess we are Party Poopers.

Thursday Nancy  drove here from Tucson to visit for a few days before going to Quartzsite. She wanted to go to Algodones for some meds. Cindy also wanted to get a few meds while we were there, so we went Friday.  Going into Mexico there was a guard checking purses, which was first for us. We were in and out in about 30 minutes. I have learned a long time ago, if all you want is at the pharmacy, get there early and there is no wait to get back into the US. This time there wasn't anyone if front of us at customs and we got through painlessly.

After Algodones we went to the Arizona Market for material. Nancy bought quite a bit of fabric and I thought I was getting by for less than $100.00 but then Cindy found some another bolt to finish from the $6 rack. We get it for $5.50 per yard whenever she takes everything on the bolt.

Nancy wanted to go to Grandma Jo's to look at South Western fabric and got some more fabric. Can you see where this is going? Cindy found a pattern she like in the closeout section, so I got by pretty easily.

Friday evening there was a concert. We haven't seen any concerts this year that we wanted to go see and so didn't buy tickets. One of our neighbors came over with a couple of tickets that had been won wondering if we wanted to go. We are getting ready to go to Salt Lake so Cindy can hopefully find out what is wrong with her throat, so she wanted me to take Nancy.  It was Eric and the Dominoes Singing the music of Eric Clapton. Maybe it would have been alright if they had turned down the volume a lot, but it was so loud that we couldn't even come close to enjoying it. 

Yesterday we wanted to go to the yearly quilt show at the Convention Center. When we got first went in there weren't too many people, but after while it got fairly busy. We got lots of pictures. 

This embroidery State quilt was a past People's favorite. Cindy said it had to have been a lot of time and work to make it.

The one above is my favorite in the show.

There was one display on Princess Diana which was all in pink hews. 

We found a quilt panel called Big Dream Leaf which we liked so we bought it. Cindy is going to make it into a fall quilt. 

After that we had to go back to the Arizona Market. This time I got by fairly cheap, since it had only been one day since we had been there. (I think we are probably their best customer.)

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