Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Change of Pace

 Riverton, Utah          High 90 Low 64

We decided to drive around and look at some of the lakes and reservoirs to see how low the water was.

Our first stop was at Salt Air Pavilion on the Great Salt Lake. I told Cindy that I could remember going there to float on the salt water in the early 1950's. I found a picture on the internet that showed how it looked then:

Then I found one from the flood in 1983:

And a picture of how it looks now:

Pictures of the Great Salt Lake showing how low the water is:

The Great Salt Lake is rather shallow and the water looked to be about a mile from where we were standing. Usually the water is right up to I 80. All of this brought back other memories of the flooding that took place in downtown Salt Lake City in 1983. These next pictures are from that flooding.

This shows all the water that came down State Street.

I don't know if they actually were catching any fish, but they had their poles out fishing on Main Street, Salt Lake City. The Great Salt Lake has set a new record low water level this year. Sure different than in the past.

In other parts of the state they are having floods. Someone from Cedar City said that 2 Weeks ago they were afraid of the forest fires and now they are afraid of drowning.

This is from Cedar City and on TV we saw pictures of lots of water running down the highway in Moab.

We have had a little rain here, but nothing like they are getting in Southern Utah.

After seeing the Great Salt Lake, we drove to Wanship to see how low Rock Port Reservoir was. To me it looked to be down 20 feet or so from high water levels. This Reservoir is so low that some of the old foundations of the town of Rock Port are visible for the first time since the Reservoir was constructed. 

Normally all the green would be covered by water.

Lots of boats high and dry.

We then went through Kamas and Francis to see Jordanelle Reservoir. It also is down a long way. 

We stopped for lunch in Heber City and then drove to see Deer Creek Reservoir. The water in this Reservoir is also way down from normal. 

Again, everything you see in green, is usually covered with water.

These next pictures are of The Island on Deer Creek Reservoir.

The beach in the first picture usually doesn't exist. The green in the second and third picture is usually covered with enough water to drive boats through. It is so dry that a person could drive a car over. 

Our part of the State is extremely dry, while other parts are getting lots of flooding. It sure is strange weather.

I have been quilting, but I'm going to wait until my next post to show them. Like the title says, a change of pace.

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Monday, July 26, 2021

Birthday Party and More Quilts

Riverton, Utah      High 97 Low 66

We've had really smoky air for the last few day that was so bad that we couldn't see the mountains in either direction. This afternoon the wind changed direction and is now coming from the south which finally blew away the smoke which is coming here from California. It also got a lot cooler all at once. 

We had a birthday party here for our grand-daughter Alysia. She turned 15. We had some of the kids here and had a barbeque. 

She seemed to enjoy the presents she got.

The apricots got ripe and we used what we could and gave a lot of them away. There are still a lot left on the tree, but we haven't had much luck getting anyone to come and pick them.

Cindy finally made a wall hanging. She has said forever that her walls didn't need to be warm but she did a bunch of Halloween embroidery, quilt as you go, squares and didn't know what else to do with them, so our daughter is getting a wall hanging.

I am almost caught up on quilting. I think I only have 3 more to finish. This is a fairly large quilt, but Cindy let me do an overall Pattern on it so it didn't take too long to finish. I have one on the machine now that is taking a lot longer to quilt (almost a week) but we hope it turns out nice.

I hope you don't get too tired of all the quilt pictures.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

We've Been Eating From The Garden

Riverton, Utah      High 91 Low 70

Today is the coolest day we have had for a while, but if you are outside for any length of time, it still feels warm. Salt Lake is setting all kinds of warm records this summer. For the last week, and they are predicting a few more days, we have had lots of smoke. The winds from The forest fires on the coast are blowing here. Some days we couldn't see the mountains and there are lots of hazardous air warnings. 

Cindy has been getting squash, and cucumbers from the garden. We have been picking apricots every day. Some of them look ripe, but are not quite there. the ones way high in the tree that get more sun are the ones that are ripe.

Cindy has been drying them so far, and plans on making syrup out of a lot of them.  

We have even got a few tomatoes, but when Cindy got the plants, she got the wrong type. We have some the size of marbles, some the size of peas, and a whole bunch of little bitty ones.

I put a dime by some of them for comparison so we could tell how small they are. But they do taste like ripe tomatoes, even if each of them is only a small sample. I think she got grape tomatoes, instead of cherry tomatoes.

And of course we have both been busy quilting and I have to put some more quilts pictures on the post.

We like the way this Halloween quilt turned out.


I think this quilt must have at least 10,000 little pieces, but Cindy is working on one with even more pieces. At least I got to do an over-all pattern on it.

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Car Show and More Quilts

 Riverton, Utah       High 90 Low 64

It still has been very warm here. I guess new records have been set all over the US and Canada.

Today Riverton Town Days got started. One of the first things was a car show. We went to it and there were lots of fancy and old cars. It is still interesting to me to see cars that I owned when I was in High School that are now antiques, but I guess that is to be expected when I am an antique myself. 

They had lots of people and I got quite a few pictures.

I used to own one this same year but at the time mine was in much better condition.

Anyone remember the A & W trays?

This one isn't old (2011) but was made to look like a antique car.

 Really nice 1950 Chev below.

The old, 1940 Cadillac even looked bigger than others the same year.

The next car had the original radio which played 8 tracks of which the owner had a lot. I think it was a 1966 car. 

1940 Ford.

Souped up Corvette. It looked like they couldn't even get the hood on it.

1940 Buick with original straight eight engine.

An old 1951 Chevy Woody.

In between, I have been busy quilting. Cindy is still busy making them so I will have something to occupy my time. 

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