Sunday, November 14, 2021

We Made It to Arizona

 Yuma, Arizona           High 90 Low 57

We had an uneventful drive to Yuma. The weather has been warm (for us) since we have been here.

We had to clean up our lot and had two water leaks on the irrigation water that had to be repaired. I had got an email from the Park about one of the leaks, but the neighbor said that it had been leaking long enough for us not to worry about it until we got here, which was about a week after I got the email. 

The leak was because when they poured our front patio they installed a 2 inch conduit under the concrete and had ran the black irrigation pipe through the conduit. One of the small palm trees had decided to send a root into the conduit and it broke the black pipe when it got big enough. When I got the root out, it was almost 6 feet long. we had to dig up both  ends of the conduit and pulled a new pipe through it. All is well now.

Before we left, Penny got a hair cut.

One the way to Yuma we stopped for gas in Fort Mohave, Arizona. We Paid $2.99 for gas after seeing prices of  5.54 in Needles, which is just across the Colorado River, in California, which is about 4 miles from where we got our gas.  I used to say, go into California and add $1.00 to the price of gas. This time it was add $2.50 per gallon.

Also before we left we finish a Halloween quilt, which I got quilted. I had upgraded my machine to a newer program and wanted to try it out. Works fine.

A lot of our Canadian friends have made it here. They seem happy to finally be able leave Canada and spend the winter in Yuma.

Thanks for visiting.