Sunday, August 31, 2014

Old Buildings

Pequea, Pennsylvania High 86 Low 70

It was a lot warmer today. Last night was too warm to sleep well. We got some rain this afternoon and it really got muggy.

We saw a lot of old buildings including an Amish school house.

Tobacco must be a good cash crop for the Amish, because there seems to be a lot of it growing in the area, along with quite a few drying barns.

We also got to see a lot of the horse drawn equipment the Amish use to farm. It seems like the children even help and the Amish seem to be hard working. Any of the stores we went into in Bird-in-Hand or Intercourse had Amish ladies working in them. The little girl that helped us at the vegetable stand looked about 10 years old to me. Most of the stands are unmanned.

I’m mostly putting pictures on today.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pennsylvania Covered Bridges

Pequea, Pennsylvania High 81 Low 70

It was a nice partly cloudy day. We decided to take a ride in the country side to see some of the covered bridges in the area.

The first one is by the entrance to the RV Park. It is fairly long and they all have headroom too low for RVs. The one by the entrance is the one the GPS tried to take me through on the way here.

The rest of them are scattered throughout the county. I think they told us there are 29, but we only saw 5 of them.

They all seem to be the same general design and traffic is allowed through the ones we saw and they all have low weight limits with one lane of traffic. Only one of them had a date on it and it was first built in 1860. From the sign, I gather that it has been rebuilt.

We found several fruit and vegetable stands. One had small watermelons for 2 for a dollar. One of them had a little Amish girl manning it. She had fresh eggs, green beans, and the biggest tomatoes we have seen while we have been here. She was also selling corn for 6 for a dollar fifty. We had it and the green beans for dinner tonight. We tried one of the watermelons and it was not the best I've had, but I have had worse from the grocery store at about 10 times the price.

While driving around we passed two Amish boys going the opposite direction, and they gave me the air horn sign, except I have no air horn so I couldn't accommodate them.

We found another fruit and vegetable stand that had peaches, and we wanted to get some, so we got about 10 pounds from him.

We took Penny with us today and she was good for most of the way. At one stop I gave her some water and we hadn't gone very far, when she threw up. I hope she learns to ride in the truck. She seems to be a very loving little dog, and yes we are getting attached to her.
We have so many pictures, that I will wait to put some more on the blog.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

We Went to See Intercourse

Pequea, Pennsylvania High 77 Low 57

We ended up having to move to another site this morning. The one we are in now was a lot tighter to get into. As of right now, 6 pm, the Park doesn't seem to be very full.  When we got back from our excursion I did see there was someone in the site we vacated.

We went to see Intercourse…………..Pennsylvania that is. To us the town to us was a bit of a disappointment. There is nothing but tourist shops lining both side of the highway. There were a lot of people, but we were afraid with tomorrow being the start of the holiday weekend, that it probably would be a real zoo tomorrow.

We did go into 4 quilt stores. One was supposed to be one of the 10 best in the US and it was quite large. Part of the disappointment was that there used to be a Quilt Museum on the second floor, but it is now closed. The store itself had a lot of unique things.

While we were there we drove down the street to see the Pretzel Factory. They give tours and let you form a pretzel. You can see from my picture that I thought it was fun.

We saw a lot of Amish buggies, but what do I expect when we are in the heart of Amish country.
There are a lot of roadside fruit and vegetable stands. All we saw were on the honor system. The last one we stopped at even had a can for making change. They all seem to be very trusting.

We left Penny home alone and she didn't seem to get into any trouble. I can’t believe how quick she has become attached to Cindy. At night when we watch TV, she lays on the back of the couch with her head either on Cindy’s shoulder or very nearby.  We got her a little stuffed lamb and she runs around and plays with it a lot. She seems to have a lot of energy.

Tomorrow we might just relax for the day.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Amish and Mennonite Quilts

Pequea, Pennsylvania High 77 Low 54

Today we went toward Lancaster. Cindy got her insulin refilled at the Walmart here. We did ask about the law we ran into in New York and they had never heard of it. So the balances of her refills are still intact.

I also needed fuel and spent $335.  New York prices are 50 cents per gallon more than here, so I saved 44 dollars by waiting until Pennsylvania. It is nice to have a large tank so I have the option to choose when I fill the diesel.

We saw lots of scenery and fields of crops. There was on quilt store on an Amish farm that didn't sell fabric, but had lots of nice quilts and other crafts for sale.

We then went to a quilt store ran by a Mennonite lady. She is the one that had lower priced fabric. Cindy had three quilts she wanted backs for and we found some nice fabric for them.

Coming back to the trailer the GPS seemed to do alright finally. We were able to see some interesting sights.

And now a little update on Penny. She slept the whole night without as much as a single whimper. I called the vet that checked her 3 weeks ago and they told me we probably didn't need to have her checked until she is 12 weeks old, at which time she will need her last distemper shot and rabies shot. Just to be sure, I called another vet and was told almost the same thing. She seems to be very playful, but likes to chew, so we got her some chew sticks. Cindy said she smelled a little bit, so she gave her a bath. Again, she took the bath without a single sound. She did shiver a little after, and it was probably because she was cold.

I checked with the office at this park about the weekend, and while we have to move to another site, we will be able to stay here until the 5th. She also told me before I move tomorrow; to check back and she will see if we can stay put.

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