Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Must Have Been Cleaning and Repair Day

Contoocook, New Hampshire High 79 Low 64

This morning was so nice that I decided to wash the truck and camper. We have had to park under trees for a while and I didn't like all the junk on the truck and roof of the trailer. They both look a lot better now. Only thing, I don't know whether the truck and trailer or if I got the wettest.

After washing them, it was time to change out our shower valve. The original leaked forever and I changed it while we were in Wisconsin, but I couldn't get the valve like the original. Originally it was a bronze color and all I was able to get was white. The valves on the white one screwed out to turn on, rather than 1/4 turn from on to off. We were finally able to get the correct one at Camping World on the way here.

This is the white one I'm taking out.

One other small repair was the fenders (?) over the wheels of the trailer had some screws stripped and I put in plastic plugs to hold the screws.

After all that we went into Concord to get Cindy an eye exam so she could renew her drivers licence. It could have been done before we left, but she forgot about it until Tammy called and told us she had got notice from the Utah Drivers Licence Division that her licence would expire in October. We don't want to be home then, so we called and had the necessary paper work mailed to our home. Tammy then had to mail it to where we will be next week in New York. All this is a little complicated, but it is doable.

We saw the dome of the State Capitol building in Concord and went to see it and get some pictures of it and while there we found some other neat old buildings. There also were some other attractions to take pictures of.

We liked the leaded glass on this old home.
I have no idea who he was, just thought it was a neat monument.

When we got back to the trailer, Cindy made some Lobster chowder with part of the lobster we bought in Maine. She also made some, what she called, Red Lobster biscuits. It was a very good meal.

Tomorrow we leave for a Coast to Coast Park in Massachusetts.

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  1. Lucky for us, we remembered to have Bill's renewed before we left Arizona.

  2. Always some little chores that need to be done. Really some neat buildings.

  3. Its Like they sit around and think up ways to make penalties for folks that want to travel away from their home state for any period of time...