Sunday, August 24, 2014

Museum at the Senate House

Accord, New York High 81 Low 55

We saw the Museum by the Senate House in Kingston. A large portion of it was an art exhibit by John Vanderlyn. It is the largest collection of his works anywhere.

His The Landing of Columbus is on permanent display in the rotunda of the Capitol at Washington DC.

Cindy especially liked the double oil study off Niagara Falls which he painted in 1826-1827.
In addition, part of the Museum had lots of old items from the 1800s. Of special interest were the sausage filler and wooden meat grinder. An old loom was also on display.

This banjo clock dates from 1815.

I thought the eye sharpener was worth a look. I wonder if it worked at all.

Tomorrow we leave here for Pennsylvania, with an overnight stop in north eastern Pennsylvania, and then to near Lancaster.

Thanks for visiting.