Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More Campobello Island

Robbinston, Maine High 63 Low 53

It has rained all day and is a lot cooler than it has been. We both are glad we went to see the Island yesterday.

We got to see what they call Hubbard Cottage. It started out to be a hotel, but never was anything but a private residence. The guide told me the only things that were original were the billiard table and a 1905 piano that was shipped from England. The whole house looked very ornate. All the other furnishings were supposed to be of the correct period.

This window was made of special glass so it would be almost flawless.

On driving around the island we got to see some old wrecks of boats. There are several old churches from the 1800s. The scenery on the Island is very impressive.

 Another view of Eastport Maine.

When we went back to the US , we looked at some of the old buildings in Lubec. One was falling apart from all the years of neglect. We also got to see another lighthouse on the Canadian side. The two countries are very close at this point. The border crossing was very smooth both directions. The US border agent asked if we were bring anything back that we acquired on the Island, and I replied; only pictures.

From this picture, you can see how close Canada is.

 This is on the Island. These are lobster traps. He had lots of floats for sale.
Looking down the main business area of Lubec.
After the sights of Campobello Island and Lubec, we went a little further down Highway 1 to see a quilt store and found the strangest building ever for a fabric store. Surprisingly, there is a lot of fabric inside.

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